Bob Cisco Master Golf Instructor  & Performance Advisor shows

You how to play better golf  & reach more of your golf potential

Bob Cisco
NEWS FLASH!   Now you can play better golf and lower your handicap more than ever before. Exclusive golf training with golf performance advisor and instructor, Bob Cisco.  Learn his special Short Game techniques from his popular Bootcamps, How to Harness Effortless Power, and How to Tap the Inner Mental Game. The  THREE KEY areas of your golf game!

Bob Cisco, former PGA Tour Instructor on all three tours, Golf Performance Advisor, and Golf educator, can show you how on a special one-on- one instructional basis now. Lower your handicap as much as 5-8 strokes with an individualized program from a master golf instructor now.


  • The Short Game __
  • Effortless Power __
  • The Mental Game __

If it’s your Putting, Chipping/Pitching and Sand play, let Bob Cisco show you directly how. You learn techniques and proven methods taken from his popular  Short Game Bootcamp. Learn his proven techniques and training methods that will get you scoring consistently lower time and time again! If your looking for effective short game solutions, you have come to the right instructor. Bob has worked with many pros on tour and amateurs over an amazing thirty year career with hundreds of satisfied and successful students.

Bob’s short game techniques will teach you FEEL and taking control of you Short Game like no other method. Most short game schools teach you a high degree of mechanics, which are confusing and hard to duplicate and use. To get better in the short game, you need to learn control your shots with feel. That’s how the pros do it!

Here are a few words from one of his MANY satisfied (and greatly improved) Short Game Bootcamp students:

“…I am happy to report that my first round after
attending the Bootcamp produced 8 less strokes
off my game and had my all-time lowest round
ever! Scoring like this is simply remarkable!”
– Eleanor Hogains,
Short Game Bootcamp Graduate
Bob Cisco fixed 90% of my short game issues especially with my chipping, pitching, and wedge play in ONE  session. My short game shots  are consistently better and closer to the pin than ever before. Amazing stuff I would say! I can’t wait to try this out here on the course.        Lawrence Segal

But if you’re Inconsistent not happy with your Distance and Accuracy off the tee, feel embarrassed about your drives, can’t get your driver to work for you off the tee, then you need to book a lesson or lesson series with Bob Cisco  and learn his ‘secrets’ to hitting for effortless power taken from his highly successful Effortless Power Workshop.

You’ll be truly amazed at Bob’s discoveries in how to effortlessly drive the ball with more power and control than you ever thought possible. Ernie Els, Fred Couples, Anika Sorenstam all have smooth, effortless swings and hit the ball long and straight. You can learn to do this too! Expect 15-20 yds. more off the tee from these sessions.

Here’s what one our graduates had to say about the effectiveness of his one-on-one teaching learning his methods from his Effortless Power Workshop:

“Bob Cisco is an absolute golf swing genius! After attending his workshop and just two private lessons , I now hit more fairways than ever before and am  hitting the ball farther
than ever and doing it easily!”

– Bob Westover,
Effortless Power Workshop Graduate

I’ve take instruction from a number of instructors and I can say this with total certainty that Bob Cisco may just be the top best golf teacher in the US today. He has taken my game to a whole new level of play and enjoyment!       John Knipf


Take the next step now and Play Better Golf.  Sign up for either Bob Cisco’s private Short Game Bootcamp or his Effortless Power Workshop Lesson Series and get the results you’ve only dreamed about! Don’t waste another minute experimenting and guessing where you’re making mistakes. Let Bob instruct you and lower your score more in ONE day and WEEK than you ever thought possible!


I am looking forward to helping you with your golf game. You will learn more in ONE session with my proven golf instruction than any other lesson hands-down. I guarantee it.

Best,  Bob Cisco Master Golf Instructor, Performance Advisor and Author, 818-448-9694


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