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Your Three Metal is Key to Control Off the Tee…

Hi Guys:

Take a page from Players’ Championship winner
Henrik Stenson’s play book, who used his three
off the tee the majority of times and
hit all 13 fairways in the last round, on
his way to a cool effortless 66. And win by
four strikes.

His secret  weapon was a 13 degree three
wood that gave him super control and distance
off the tee.

I’ve been a big believer of using the three
metal off the tee for years now to drive for
position in the fairway. And have recommended
using it as a strategy to all my students.
I even wrote a drill you use can do with
hitting the driver vs. the three wood in
my golf  book, “The Ultimate Game of Golf”
(Sect. 3). www.allbaoutgolf.us/books

So try using your three wood more if you
want to have better scores, be in the fairway,
and control your drives off the tee box.

Tiger could well use his 3 wood more to his advantage.

Talk to you soon. Bob Cisco

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