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Europe edges out US to win the Ryder Cup in Golf

 Hi Guys:

Quite a finish here to the Ryder Cup with Europe coming out on top!

Great comeback by the US team just falls just short as Ryder Cup is won by Europe in an exciting finish to the 2010 Ryder Cup.

It almost came down to Tiger Woods sealing the deal for the US team this time as I had hoped in my last post. Tiger played brilliant golf in his match after being quickly two down after the first two holes and then goes nine under in fifteen holes to win 4 and 3. Phil Mickelson and Dustin Johnson deliver the big stick as well!

Europe has won the last four Ryder Cups over-seas there and seems to find the magic formula as it finds victory on its shores this time in Wales.

From what I can tell it comes down more to nationalism and pride as the European teams find that extra strength and courage to get it done on their terms.

As I see it and have coached many players from this view, it’s a mental game characteristic called ‘courage’ and making it go right to win despite all odds. The Euros seem to like doing this as their MOTTO and operating basis and get up more this way in my estimation over the US teams of the past.

I think we need to seriously look at what this is and learn to do that from here on out. I think it has to do with improving our leadership role and coaching our players more as a group or team and cultivating that as opposed  to treating our guys as just professionals and individuals.

I think in years past when we won — we had that kind of spirit as a team and that reminds me of the 1990 years in which we had the great Payne Stewart with us. His role was a real inspiration for our team efforts then. 

I don’t think anyone today on our side is playing “Born in the US” by Springsteen anymore with a boom box down the hallways to rally our troops to do battle anymore. I’ve made this comment before if you are a reader of my blog.

Pavin is a real good tough griddy player but did he as a captain appeal to the group process and bonding process with our guys or to too much of our individaulism with our players? He seemed to think  it was more about enjoying  themselves as the chief rallying message in the Ryder Cup battle.

The European captains are more into the leadership and cheerleading inspiration mode as their operating basis and it seems to work as Monty followed the working model to its ultimate success. Seve was always the model to follow in team play and that model in my opinion wins Ryder Cups.

So onward to next year’s President’s Cup and whoever is the pick of the US for its Captain for the next Ryder Cup here, should take heed of this. And by the way, why do we have to change our captains every time either. Check with my Brirtish friend Tony Jacklin on this, and perhaps you’ll find the answer .

What’s your take on improving our US effort and team?

 All for now, Bob Cisco,





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