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Mallets Winning More Golf Championships

Have you noticed more players on the various  golf tours especially the PGA using mallet putters this past year?

Don’t have the full stats yet but more players have been winning this year it seems with mallet putters in their hands. Even Tiger Woods although he didn’t win in 2010, switched to one at the Chevron Challenge which he really should have won. He also used one at the Brirtish Open in one or two of his rounds this past summer.

Although mallets and blades have periods were they trend one over the other and certain Tour players push their popularity, I think this trend is here to stay. There are certain advantages as I see it with better feel and control.

Taylor Made  promoting a new prototype mallet putter that Tiger and several others on the TM staff, which includes Paul Casey and Stewart Cink. They are using it from a new design developed by their R & D dept and advisory staff players including TW himself.

Then there’s of course 2010 Mr Warrior under pressure himself , Graeme Mc Dowell who is the best under putter in the game of golf right now — also using a mallet. As you recall he made all the key short three to five footers to win the US Open at Pebble Beach  in June.  Just ask Tiger what he saw up close with Graemme canning two great putts in a row to take him out at the Chevron recently.

We saw Annika Sorensam winning golf turnaments with an Oddssey two ball putter for a number of years and now we are seeing what I believe is an new resurgence in putter technology with inserts and weight distribution in the putter face. This time mallets are the beneficary.

The “new” mallet putters have better roll characteristics and allow the ball to come off the putter face with less resistance and drag, allowing the ball to get on line better and roll to the hole truer.

Mallets tend to be heavier in weight and help create better feel with the hands and swinging the putter back and thru.

You can’t beat a blade putter when its the right feel for you so I am big on getting the right putter in your hands that feels right. It’s a matter of FEEL and you might try both. And I think you should try both a ‘blade’ and a ‘mallet” for sure. Decide from there.

A heavier weight is what most golfers like in the FEEL department and usually that’s the case with the mallet vs. the blade putter. A heavier weight more in the 360-380 grams vs. the blade putter itself, which tips the scales in around 330 grams at the most.

I’ve worked with lots of players including pros on tour on their putting and I think it is a solid choice in choosing what’s going to get the ball in the hole. My vote is for the mallet in 2011!

Look for more players to be using the mallet putter than ever before on all the PGA tours in 2011.

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Best, Bob Cisco,  The Golf doctor



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