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Golf: Western Tour in Full Swing on PGA

Hi Guys:

PGA Tour gets going with back to back Hawaii tournaments concluded here.  New winners and some veterans open their seasons in the trade-winds in the Aloha State.  On to So. Calif and the Bob Hope in Palm Desert, San Diego and the Los Angeles Open here as the Western tour swings into California.

Great golf weather with weather ideal here in the South land with temps in the 7os and 80s.

I was thinking we should be hearing from Tiger about now?  What’s he up to. We should be hearing from him here soon.

Will he play at San Diego at Torre Pines or play at all here in January?  He has Dubai in February overseas. Will this be the turnaround year for him? Top players usually take two years to really rework a new golf swing and Tiger is in the midst of that with the swing move he’s working on with Sean Foley. 

My belief is that Tiger gets his feet back on more solid ground I think he will gravitate more towards a full be in balance swing and not be so conscious of positions with the swing plane especially in the downswing. He gets the feel back in the putting stroke he can win golf tournaments and majors.

Anyways my advice here is to get the season going yourself with work on your fitness and improving your flexibility as a key goals here in 2011. My good friend and long drive champion at age 62, John Marshall, is still hitting 300 yards plus and he attributes it to his flexibility and Yoga of the last thirty years. No back problems there.

There’s a lot you can do just with your clubs swinging back and thru and using a weighted ball. One of the best drills I found for this is Sam Snead’s swing the club head drill. He would swing a driver 100 times swinging back and forth. Just start with swinging five to ten times back and thru and work up to ten twenty and work the golf muscles. Swing on the other side some as well as Freddie Couples likes to do in warming up swinging right and left handed.

All the top players are into conditioning programs and you can be doing your own version for sure. Mike Pedersen the golf conditioning specialist  has a good program to help you in this area. 

Look for a breakout your with the tour rookies we saw on our US Ryder Cup team this year especially Richie Fowler and Bubba Watson.

Have new stuff coming here that you’ll like in February right around the LA Open.

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