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Bob Cisco

Bob Cisco is one of the most innovative and leading sports performance advisors in the game of golf today. He has worked with notable amateurs and top pros on today’s pro tour as a PGA Tour instructor. He is the author of The Ultimate Game of Golf and Ultimate Putting: How to Master the Art of Putting.

News Flash: New Golf Book: Perfect Balance, Your Key to Consistency and Shot-making in Golf. Winter, 2008!To be placed on the newsletter and notified for special pre-release copy, you can e mail us directly at [email protected].

Instructional Host of Golf Radio Show and Author Interviews — Bob has made numerous appearances on radio and TV, speaking about the importance of golf and mental performance. His credits include hosting and co-hosting two national and regional syndicated radio golf shows, All About Golf  and the Tee It Up Show as well as commentary at the US Open, ABC Sports, the Phoenix Open, ABC’s The Bob Hope Classic, The Los Angeles Open and Fox Sports TV for the Buick Invitational in San Diego.

He has also been heard on the ABC, NBC, CBS, Westwood One and Infinity Broadcasting networks, the American Sports Radio Network Sports Magazine US Open coverage, Golf Week’s “Tee to Green” show. Bob has been a guest for Golf’s Four Majors over the last several years, especially The ABC Sports Network, ESPN and Fox Sports national networks of over 2,500 + radio station affiliates.

Bob Cisco has been heard on over 2,000 radio show interviews talking golf, the mental performance area, effortless power, and the dynamics of swing motion and balance – reaching an estimated audience of over 300 million plus listeners! Bob has been a performance advisor to players at the US Open and other top PGA and LPGA tournaments. His players have won over 50 tournaments, along with over 100 top five finishes. Bob was chosen to be a part of the Centinela Hospital Fitness Institute’s team of golf performance advisors in 1992.

He was been a special guest speaker at the Paul Callaway’s “Body Balance for Performance” Golf Seminars, Paul Chek’s Biomechanics Golf Certification Workshop, and also that of Dr. Jeff Blanchard’s Golf Injury Certification Seminars for chiropractic doctors and sports injury specialists.

Bob has conducted educational seminars for various PGA of America chapters on his instructional methodology of teaching golf. Hw was the special guest speaker at the 2006 PGA Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, CA talking to over 125 PGA teaching professionals on his new discoveries on sports balance and motion and latest teaching methods.

He is the founder and director of Ultimate Golf Schools in Southern California, a cutting-edge golf training and performance program for golfers. He has spoken at numerous men’s and women’s golf clubs and to corporate groups attending the Masters Golf Tournament in the Augusta, Georgia area.

His latest cutting edge research in the area to determine the missing link in golf instruction is creating a rebirth and return to golf’s key basics to the golf swing –swinging the club head combined with new discoveries in the dynamics of balance and swing motion!

Bob has discovered key principles of the golf swing and primary axioms of dynamic balance and swing motion that herald a renaissance and a return to the golden age of instruction in his latest work and book, Perfect Balance: Your Key to Consistency and Shot-making to Golf. Due out in Summer of 2008!

Founder and Director of Golf of Ultimate Golf SchoolsCreated for players who want to improve their swing, mental and scoring games and reach more of their true potential and become champion golfers. Ultimate Golf Schools is located and operated in So. California.

Each player receives a tailor-made special program designed by Bob to enhance all key areas of the game with cutting edge technologies designed to play ones best and reach maximum potential.

News Flash: January 2010: Bob Cisco is also one of the most sought after Golf Talent Evaluators in the US today assisting junior golfers become the champions of tomorrow and continue their pursuit of academic and educational goals thru receiving college golf scholarship funding.  

A true professional, Bob delivers the results desired. He is truly a pro’s pro, master teacher of golf and maker of champion golfers!

Contact Bob by e-mail at [email protected] or at his web site at [email protected]  Phone number is at (818)448-9694

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