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Tiger ends PGA Tour Season without a Victory

September 20th, 2010
PGA Centenary Course at Gleneagles, Schotland,...
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Hi Guys:

This was the first season Tiger Woods has been winless on the PGA Tour and failed to make the Fed Ex playoffs. It feels a bit strange in a way.

A lot happened mostly in what seemed like a really long year. It felt more like three years combined from where I’m sitting.  A couple of guys really stepped up this year mainly Matt Kuchar but I do miss the “pumped-fist” exclaim and Tiger winning on Tour.

Tiger has the Ryder Cup here in a few weeks and that could really work to his advantage as a morale booster if he plays well and helps gives the US Team a boost and a win in Wales. Or it could be another  disappointment to a peculiar rather distressing season here.

He then moves onto the international scene with the HSBC  Open in Shanghai for a major event there in November. A change of environment might work just fine.

There’s talk of Tiger working on a new golf swing move and working with a new coach as well. Does he really need a new swing coach? Or does he really need a mentor and close friend type person to help shape his future where he’s going in golf and perhaps life.

My take on that is that he could swing a broom and perfect a swing move to make it work and work well. He is an extraordinary talented golfer. One in one hundred years of super skill level. 

Lee Trevino really never had a coach because he believed the coach needed to be better than he was as a player or have more knowledge of the motion of the swing, which he was a master of.  So does Tiger really need a swing coach for mechanics?  Who mentored Palmer, Player and Nicklaus in their prime? I don’t think so.

All great athletes can adopt to many situations with their bodies and equipment and Tiger is no exception. Butch Harmon and Hank Haney did improve his game skills but he has tremendous mental focus and heart. And  in my opinion that’s what needs to get fixed the most. Yes, he needs to change a few things in his life and hopefully he will and with new resolve and courage he will in time.  

But you can tell he is determined to get it right once again and he has played and shot some really good rounds this past summer. Just not consecutively.

His great mental game has taken a bit of a beating that’s for sure. Other players sense a vulnerability like never before. Tiger can and is getting beaten by his peers. He has weaknesses like the other players now. The invincible aura has been is gone. At least for now.

The ability to remain focused when your universe is shaken or in an upheaval plays more on the mind of a golfer than anything else, and when one is swinging at 125-127 mph in a split second and impact, one’s balance can be just off enough and you hit in the rough too often.

If there ever was a 15 th club in the bag it has to be confidence and that comes from the player’s outlook and view of his game and self.  The problems of life have a way of interjecting into the middle of it and when that becomes a bigger problem, then its hard to find your way back and play consistent great golf.

The great Jack Nickluas said in an article I will always remember and I tell to my advance players and pros, is that he wasn’t the greatest because he had better skills but he had his life in balance whereas many other players did not at the time in his era and were affected by relationships and in some cases did not  recover. Jack had real support and stability in his family and wife and he didn’t have these concerns or problems and he was able to do what he set out to do in golf and did for many years at end.

I look forward this Ryder Cup in Wales and Tiger contributing to the team and his own esprit de corps. It would be great to see the US team pull of a victory and Tiger sealing the deal and making the difference.

After that, I’m not sure what I’ll do. Maybe watch the Golf Channel and reruns of “The Big Three” (not The Big Break ) and head in that direction and I can find solace there with the rest of us who love golf. Some of those classics too and key matches with Hogan-Snead- Nelson, etc.

2011 could be a real interesting year with the Masters up first in the Spring.

Go US team in the Ryder Cup!

All for now, Bob Cisco, www.allaboutgolf.us

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How to Defeat an Opponent in Golf – Part 1

September 8th, 2010
Hi Guys:

Do you find you tighten up and feel the
pressure when “the heat is on” when it
comes to winning a golf event, match or
friendly wager with your golf buddies?

Well you’re not alone my golf friend. Many
a golf match or score has been spoiled or
ruined when “it’s on the line” and you
are counted on to perform.

Here’s my formula for overcoming this problem
and coming out on to top. (Part 1).

This is THE part of the game that many golfers
including pros have trouble with and it
can happen at anytime, where the momentum
shifts, and catches you off guard. The result
usually means a victory for “Old Man Par” or
your opponent who you thought you were besting
but now find you’re on the losing end of the

A decent good round is gone. You’re upset,
frustrated and round or match has been lost.
You suffer a stinging defeat.

First of all, those who win more than others
do so because of a couple of key factors: 1).
they know their limitations and stick to a
strategy that works, 2). they like being in
such a situation and get up for winning and
beating their opponent, and 3) they have a
better attitude and find ways to overcome
tough situations. They learn to dig-in” and
work their way back to what they can do and
somehow looking for the break that they can
ride the momentum back on top to than those
to “fold their tent” when adversity strikes.

Too many golfers don’t have a handle on what
they know they can do or pull off under pressure.
This is because they can’t judge a strength
from a weakness and because of this they don’t
know when to play aggressive or conservative
and can’t mount the right charge or keep
momentum when needed. This is the losing side
of the formula.

The player who knows his weaknesses, can stick
to what shots he knows he can hit and control
and can find the weakness of his opponent, has
an advantage and usually wins in the end.

What I recommend you look at for yourself is a
game plan you can stick to that works. If you
play best keeping the ball in the fairway even
if you’re shorter off the tee, by advancing the
ball just off the green gives you an advantage
because if you have a really good short game
you can hole the pitch or at the very least
get up and down.

If you tend to be wild off the tee and that
hurts your performance and penalizes you, then
swing easier and take one more club and work
on controlling your shots with a strategy where
you end up for the your next shot.

Always play from a strength position that you
can control as much as you can the outcome.

Work on managing where you want to hit or land
the ball or shot and have a strategy or game
plan in mind that you stick to.

You’ll win more times this way and be a
happier golfer especially at the 19 th hole.

When we get to the Ryder Cup here at the end of
Sept, will take up Part II of How to Defeat any
Opponent in Golf with some more advanced stuff
you will like.

I have a drill in my Ultimate Game of Golf

book in which you play nine holes and you hit two balls
off the tee with a driver and fairway metal. You
assess how having the ball in the fairway is a
real premium to scoring and if you do that and
can putt well, then you find the trophy is yours!

All for now, Bob Cisco
The Golf Doctor

Secret to Getting Out of the Sand Every Time

September 1st, 2010

Hey Guys:

Well in most rounds of golf you will

have a shot out of a sand trap around

the green and you will face a get

up and down situation. It might be a

pressure situation late in the round

or even while playing a match scenario. 


So you’ll have to have the confidence

to hit this shot and get the shot close

enough to make the putt and save par,

make birdie or even a bogey.


So in other words you need to make this

shot work and perform for you when it



Here’s how you hit this shot and an

“inside secret” to getting it close and

at the very least on the green with a

chance to make the putt.


The key to the sand shot is learning to

hit consistency behind the ball at least

two inches and accelerate thru at impact

with the hands swinging thru.


This shot is like a flop shot where you

hinge it up steeply and let it drop down

but you need to develop the skill at the

bottom of the arc where you enter the

sand to stay with the shot and hit behind

the ball two inches or more.


In doing so you get the bottom of the club

face, where all the weight is, to splash thru

the sand and in explode the ball out.


The key is learning how to move thru the

shot with the knees and thighs braced and

the hands unhinging back behind the ball

and swinging the club up and thru to stay

down and thru and complete the shot.


Leave a comment on how you like this drill

and if it pays dividends for you next time

your in the trap and have to get it up and

down without sweating it.


Bob Cisco — The Golf Performance Doctor

Short Game Specialistwww.allaboutgolf.us












Kaymer Wins PGA Golf Championship in Play-off

August 16th, 2010
2010 PGA Championship
Image via Wikipedia

Wow!  What a finish at the PGA Championship at Whistling Straits! A great three hole play-off decided on the last hole!

The battle of the titans off the tee as Dustin Johnson, Budda Watson and Martin Kaymer launch massive strikes down the fairway. Putts dropping nicely in the hole when needed. Even Steve Elkington at age 47 yrs. almost winning as well.

Unfortunate for Johnson, the confusion between all the spectators and  a fairway sand trap or waste bunker cost him a two stroke penalty and perhaps an American victory. After finishing on the last hole.  Captured on TV and the Internet for review.

Where was his caddie and the rules official to help him out with this?  There are close to 1,000 sand traps on this course and other Pete Dye courses have waste bunkers, where you can ground your club in them.

Martin Kaymer is Europe’s next super star! Great demeanor, super swing and cool mind set. Reminds me of Nick Faldo in many ways. He hung in there all the way and the great putt he made on the 18 th hole to force a playoff from about 12 feet or so was fantastic under all that pressure. You got to like his balance and footwork in his golf swing. Real effortless power in the golf swing. www.lulu.com/perfectbalance

Great iron shot on 17 and the birdie putt. One of golf’s greatest holes. Kudos to Pete Dye. Whistling Straits This is a real masterpiece of a great course for a major. A Pebble Beach on Lake Michigan in Wisconsin.

You got to like Budda Watson and yes he did play some great golf! Did Budda have to go for the green on 18 in the play-off to win? Why not lay up like Kaymer did. Aren’t we suppose to play from our strengths when the heat of competition is on? I tell all my golf students that.

What you can learn from Kaymer is a lot of things. When in trouble, get out of trouble as he did on 18. Hang in there all the way and believe in yourself and give yourself a chance to win. Keep it in the fairway even if you need to lay up with a three wood or hybrid metal like he did on key holes at Whistling Straits.

I would say at this juncture that the US team is in trouble next month in their Ryder Cup showdown with the Europe in Wales. Regardless if  Tiger Woods makes the team or not.

Anyway, it was a great close to golf’s last major here in 2010 and it does mark the first season that Tiger has not won a major as I recall.

Looks like there’s a new ERA emerging in pro golf these days. More and more young strong super stars making it  and believing in themselves. Golf  has truly gone global and it’s a new day for golf!

Golf is king!

Bob Cisco –   www.allaboutgolf.uswww.swingmentor.com

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PGA Golf Championship under way at Whistling Straits

August 12th, 2010
PGA Championship, Whistling Straits, Kohler, W...
Image by danperry.comvia Flickr

PGA Golf Championship under way at Whistling Straitsin Kohler, Wisconsin!

Tiger just two strokes back of Charles Howell as play gets under way in first round here.

Field off to a fast start going under par on this difficult links style golf course just off of Lake Michigan.

Course conditions could get tougher as the weekend approaches with faster greens and fairways.

Can Tiger right the ship and get back on track here at the PGA Championship

He did say he would play his way onto the Ryder Cup team and it looks that way so far. So Captain Pavin should not need to fret or be too concerned over his selection to the team if  Tiger earns his own ticket to Wales.

Who knows. Tiger could snap back into championship form here and WIN! 

Let’s see more how it unfolds at the PGA at Whistling Straits.

If any of you have lived close to Lake Michigan I think you know why they chose the name for this golf venue.

Course looks pretty scary in parts and not easy!

Should be a great finish I would think by Sunday afternoon.

All for now,  Bob Cisco

www.allaboutgolf.us, www.swingmentor.com






Three Keys to Scoring in Golf…

August 5th, 2010
Hi Guys:
The key to real scoring lies in being able to hit three shots
well and being able to score from 100-130 yards and in.
These three shots or skills are a must and I am going to
discuss with you how to improve your mastery of  theses
shots and skills.
You need to be able to get a wedge shot close from 100 yards
and in. On the average, your wedge shot needs to get you on the
green and putting for par or birdie from at least 15-20 feet or
closer every time. You’ll stick one close too but on the average,
you need to be putting with a chance of making your putt or at
least a two putt.
To hit this shot you need to take enough club, swing smooth
around an 80% pace for control and move your arms and
body thru the shot towards  the hole. That’s one of the secrets
to hitting this shot.
This is more of an arm swing and is not rushed. You hit down
and thru and stay with the shot turning your body thru the shot
and hole. Make crisp contact and swing out towards the target.
You do not need to try to hit this shot hard but want to focus on
control and technique and completing your swing. Play the
ball a  bit more towards the middle of your stance.
Secondly, you got to be able to chip or pitch the ball close.
Move in closer to the ball, play it back, hands forward,  and hit
the chip or pitch much like you’re “putting with loft”.  Knowing
how to hit this shot correctly, you should  be able to get the
ball rolling towards the hole and no more than 3-5 feet away.
Most of  these putts you can make from here.
Try keeping the ball under the hole in your approach shots
with the wedge and long pitch shots as well.
Thirdly, you need to be able to roll your long putts close
within 2-3 feet of  the cup and you need to be able to not move
over the putt just stroking  the ball, not moving your head and
knees and peeking or looking up.
Watch all great putters and you will see that they do not move
their head or lower body especially on the short putts.
When you practice more of your 100 yard game and can get the
ball within 15-20 feet of the hole easily on the average, and you
can get a good chip or pitch and run to the hole.  And you can
make an accelerating  stroke from long distance and are steady
with the short putts, you are looking at a swing of 4-8 strokes
off your game each time you play a round of golf.
So it is worth it to you work on this SCORING area of your game
just as  much or more than your long game.
You’ll find its worth the effort to learn these skills as lower scores
are what’s waiting for you.
Knock it in the hole!
Let me know how this works for you. Leave a comment as well.
Bob Cisco — the golf performance doctor

Your golf game will be chipper with this…

July 27th, 2010
At the Links
Image by Clay Carson via Flickr

Hi Guys:
A great utility club to use around the green
is a chipper. It’s a specially designed club
for chipping and running the ball along the
ground like a putter with some loft.

There are a few golf mfg. cos that make good
ones now. Cleveland Golf has a one with a
weighted back that I tested out a few months
back and liked.

The other day and what got me to think of
writing this story was that I was in a thrift
shop around the corner from where I live.
I found an old Mac Gregor chipper that caught
my eye. I like collecting old clubs. You can
find them sometimes at such stores.

I liked the feel and weight in the back. I
reckoned it most be 35-50 yrs old and so I
forked over the $2.99 and took it home. The
Cleveland one costs around $80.00 to $90.00.
I think.

I have a golf studio at home so I was able to
try it out quickly and found it works really

A good chipper can save you strokes around the
green and get you out of some awkward situations
on the course where you just need to hit it back
into play a short distance or from under a tree
or something.

A hybrid can work too but they are longer in
length and I find the chipper being shorter can be
the real winner especially when you get it close to
the hole or you hole the chip shot. I can use my
regular putting stance with it.

I’ll let you know when I hole my first one with
this new find..!

Let me know your thoughts on this as well.

Need any help with your short game? You can contact
me for a one on one lesson or series to sharpen your
short game.

Hope you’re doing well on the links.

Keep cool, Bob Cisco
The Golf Doctor


British Open Golf — Players facing the Elements

July 15th, 2010
The 18th green and clubhouse of the R&A.
Image via Wikipedia

Hi Guys: 

British Open one of my real favorites is up and running at St.Andrews with players facing the elements and unpredictable weather predicted most of the tournament.

Outcome will be decided with those players who can keep the ball down and in play especially off the tee. And who play smart on the key finishing  holes 17 and and 18. Two of the best finishing holes in championship golf I might add.

You got to like the Thurs-Fri pairing of Woods-Rose-Villegas going at it and a  big draw and crowd pleaser I would think with the fans there.

Putting will be the key for Tiger Woods.  Look for Villegas to make a run at it. Rose is the hottest player right now in the world of golf. Europe is hot right now with the majors.

Phil Mickelson needs to get off to a good start to contend for Sunday run.

I got a feeling there will be a playoff to this championship. Any predictions out there?

Best shooting,

Bob Cisco – The Golf Doctor, www.allaboutgolf.us  (Bob Cisco golf books)

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Stricker Hot as a Pistol at John Deere. Guns for Summer Final Golf Majors Run

July 12th, 2010
ATLANTA - SEPTEMBER 24:  Steve Stricker tees o...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Hi Guys:

Steve Stricker is hot as a pistol with his golf as he goes real deep at the John Deere Classic to win his second back to back PGA event there with  a record performance.

This is Steve’s fifth win in 15 months on the PGA tour and vaults him back to the No. 2 spot in the world rankings behind No. 1, Tiger Woods. By the end of the summer we might see a new number one on the world of golf, either Phil Mickelson or Steve Stricker, depending on the final majors. It happened in tennis this summer. Will it happen in golf?

What I like about Stricker and you can learn from is that he’s got a great scoring game from 125 yards and in. He’s great with the wedge shots and has a smooth silky putting stroke and this is where birdies and pars are saved along with making the super eagles he makes.

He drives the ball well off the tee. Not a long hitter by tour standards yet he knows how to position his tee shots in place to make the difference and he’ s smart when it comes to his course management and strategy skills.

Look for Steve to seriously contend in the summer final majors here especially back in his home state of Wisconsin, where the PGA Championship is next month in August at Kohler.

I especially like his great balance in his swing and has very good timing in hitting his golf shots.  Steve swings within himself and is an excellent model to emmulate, never forcing the shot with a consistent tempo. 

The British Open looks like a great third major getting underway on Thursday here from St. Andrews in Scotland.

All for now, Bob Cisco,  The Golf Doctor

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Its Great to See A Pro Golfer Reach for the Stars…

June 23rd, 2010

Hi Everyone:

Graeme Mc Dowell’s win at this weekend’s US Open was nothing short of a stellar feat for the N. Ireland native.  He definitely made it happen despite all odds.

He played some really good golf in what turned out to be more of a bit of an all European final with the  tough  fast greens that turned lightning fast.  A  Frenchmen named Gregory Havret, also played fantastic golf,  to almost force a playoff as well.

Grame defeated golf’s big three who all had chances to win by far, but they could not mount  steady charges and do their thing, including that of Tiger Woods, who looked like he was back once again.

Not since Tony Jacklin won in 1970 have we seen someone from the British Isles win the US Open here on American soil.

Hats off to Greame Mc Dowell and his great play at historic Pebble Beach on Dad’s Day with his father present at the 18 th green to acknowlege his great triumph.  It doesn’t get much better than that now does it!

What was Greame’s secret to success and his play?

It was his driving in the fairway, his putting and self confidence in himself in a game introduced to him by his Dad, who believed in his son’s ability to play the game and be a great  golfer.

Not the longest driver of the ball by far but steady and long enough to be in the fairway most of the time mixed with mastery of the greens with his putter, he prevailed.  These key statistics along with his good iron play made the difference enough to win by one shot at the famed Pebble Beach layout.

It sure was good theatre and a great day to be with your Dad and win golf’s greatest tournament, our U.S. Open.

What I liked especially about this Irishmen was his resolve and determination to hang in there and make things happen.  He made up his mind and hit the golf shot in a decisive manner. Excellent  short game as well around the greens.

Golfers can learn from his routine and get into hitting shots with determination. Take dead aim and fire!

All for now and onto the Bristish Open at St. Andrews in Scotland for golf’s next and third major of the season.

Best,  Bob Cisco, The Golf Doctor