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"The Ultimate Game of Golf"
Softcover, 294 pages with 125 Illustrations.
“The Ultimate Game of Golf golfer is one who is armed and and dangerous to his opponents, who has the knowledge and control of an efficient golf swing, has the right mental attitude on the course, can think smart under pressure, and be decisive in strategy and shot making..”
Part 1: The Outer Game: the golf swing  and its key fundamentals.
Part 2: The Inner Game: the mental approach and confience.
Part 3: The Scoring, course management and strategy game.
Some Key Excerpts from the Book
“The biggest difficulty and the deadliest of all sins that the golfer commits is being indecisive. So we have a natural law about this:
All well executed golf shots are the results of being decisive and sure at the moment of hitting the golf ball to the target”. P. 148.
“There is a another fundamental that is integral to the laws of movement and that has to so with the manner in which you swing the club: Rhythm. This component is the music section” of the golf swing. Percy Boomer called “rhythm the very soul of golf”.  p. 75.
“I can tell you this that the only way you will ever develop a winning approach and be a champion in your game has all to do with this “spirit of play” attitude”.
P, 294

The Ultimate Game

of Golf

If you are interested in learning how to consistently play golf at your very best each and every time you’re out on the course than you should read this.

Playing consistently at your highest level is easier than you think and doesn’t require a lifetime of lessons from a golf pro!
Los Angeles, CA. Over the years as a golf performance advisor and instructor I have helped hundreds of golfers, amateurs and pros on tour.
Just in the last few years I have helped my players achieve over 100 top ten finishes, 45 top five performances and 40 victories!
Although I have the knowledge and experience to help you in every respect of your swing which I refer to as your “Outer Game”, my specialty or should I say, THE KEY to your consistent play is my teaching you how to control your “Inner Game”.
I refer to the Inner Game as the Mind Game. You can take hundred of hours of instruction from the best golf instructors in the country and develop a great “golf swing” but if you ask anyone on the pro circuit what they feel is the difference between winning and losing and playing their best, they’ll all answer, the mental attitude or toughness is what get’s it done.
That’s why Tiger Woods is so great and why Jack Nicklaus and Bobby Jones were the best players
Any golfer whether competing in the US Open or just  a friendly weekend match, walks a course scattered with “mental sand traps: One mistake leads to another and before the golfer realizes it, he has lost control of his game throwing away unnecessary strokes as a result.
Until you learn to master and control this “mind game” in golf, you’ll not be able to consistently play at your best and will be second best.
You can find instructors to help you improve your swing but that is not enough. To play your best you need to be trained in not only the “Outer” but “Inner” and “Scoring” Games of Golf. Problems that you encounter will be as much a mental as a physical process.
You need to know the SECRETS that the pro’s use to manage their focus or  concentration. Once you have mastered the “Inner Game” and its basic laws, you’ll be surprised at how easy the physical side of the game becomes. That’s where I can act as your “personal coach” in your game.
Have you ever wondered why your golf game doesn’t get any better?
Did you know what the a leading survey found by the national golf foundation, that after 18 months in the game golfers improve no more than 1 stroke in their game there after.
The Majority of Golfers All Agree Golf is a Mental Game  
Golfing greats like Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, and Sam Snead  all felt it was the mental part of the game which was the more important part. As much as 80 %.
Surveys reveal that golfers who feel the game is 75 % mental approach but have no technology to tap this key part of the game! If your one of those golfers who feel you could play better and aren’t, perhaps this will make sense to you.
You’ll learn what the pros call the secret to success in their games: the pre-shot mental routine and how to develop one for peak performance like the pros with heightened focus.
The SCORING GAME There’s also a great section on the scoring game and putting. I teach you the winning strategy that will put consistency into your game and ability to score. 
Success Stories
I won the So. Calif Open after reading Bob Cisco’s “Ultimate Game of Golf”  book. The data on the mental game about being DECISIVE in shot-making was awesome. And I use it now in my pre-shot mental routine all the time.
Jeff Anderson,  pro golfer, So Calif. Open Champion —  40 mini tour events.
“I believe Bob Cisco’s “Ultimate Game of Golf”book is excellent. It covers all aspects of the game, including the mental side, which more and more people are realizing is THE KEY!”
Tony Jacklin
US and British Open Champion
Ryder Cup Captain
“I enjoy playing golf and shoot in the 70s. I just finished reading Bob Cisco’s Ultimate Game of Golf and I can say that it’s great!”
Rick Dees, KIIS FM Radio
LA’s #1 Radio Station


Bob Cisco latest new golf book is now available.  Perfect Balance Golf: Your Key to Consistency and Shot-making in Golf. Eight years in the making now is here.

The new book is heralded as a ground breaking golf swing motion system that integrates the key fundamentals in the golf swing motion.: Balance, pivot, and drive into a highly dynamic and effective golf swing motion. Based on key discoveries on the role of balance, pivot and effortless power in the golf swing by golf educator, performance advisor, and former PGA Tour instructor, Bob Cisco.

 His golf students and clients have won over 100 golf tournaments including 50 pro tour events using his instructional method!

 Over twenty newly found axioms of golf swing motion: balance, pivot, and drive discovered by the author that all key top players in the game of golf use in their swings. Key data on the role of the pivot, moving from your center, how to harness effortless power.

 Many never seen or known to even golf instructional circles now made public to golfers for the first time ever. Secrets of the golf swing, why they work based on their natural law.

His swing motion system has proven to be five times more effective at his school of golf than any other golf training program or golf lesson series to date per latest successes, testimonials of students, and clients who have read the book and applied the Perfect Balance golf swing system.

Golf Perfect Balance is the third in a series of golf instructional books written by Bob Cisco. You can get his other popular books in the Amazon Book Marketplace. (“Ultimate Putting”, and “The Ultimate Game of Golf”) at

So if you want to play better golf, then get your copy now for yourself and for the golfer in your life. You don’t want your opponent to have this book.  At least not yet.

Order from the publisher Ultimate Books directly and receive a personalized copy along with special bonus: a fifteen minute phone consultation with Bob Cisco. Perfect Balance Golf Book by Bob Cisco, $13.97 + shipping/handling, $5.03 =$19.00. Personalized copies of the book are available upon request.

Success Stories of those who read the book



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Perfect Balance Golf Book by Bob Cisco

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