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All About Golf Newsletter

Short Game Boot camp — ranked #1 short game school in So. California!

Golf Lessons series with tour and performance advisor, Bob Cisco. Get Bob’s Ultimate Game of Golf book along with each lesson series. Key drills on the inner, mental and scoring games to play your best. Personalized copies are available. Come to both workshops and receive a 25% off special discount! If you want to play your best golf then get on board with our Ultimate Golf Schools specialty workshops, conducted by Bob Cisco, and performance advisor. (See Ultimate Golf Schools section for more details).
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 1). Special golf discounts: Sign up for more than one specialty golf school and get a special 20% discount. Short Game Boot camp, “How to Harness Effortless Power” Workshop and the Mental Game to Golf Workshops.

2). Playing Lessons: Many of my students benefit best by having me work with them out on the golf course where it all happens. This way I can observe and show them hands on tips right there at the course such things as where to line up on the tee to hit your drive, how to hit a chip and run and read greens better, how to hit over water or a tree.

Student Spotlight of the Month: Golf Success Story 

I had just taken a golf lesson and couldn’t do what the instructor was trying to get me to do. As a matter of fact, I was doing worse. On top of that, I had lost big time on my last game with my golf friends and to be honest I was thinking of actually quitting the game! You got me to work my feet more into the shot especially the backswing and getting me to use footwork and feel the ball of the foot region in the left and right foot.

Very quickly my balance improved and I began hitting the ball crisper and straighter. You gave me some theory having to do with rotation in the golf swing, look to look for and from that I was able to quickly hit better shots! It was amazing! I was hitting more effortlessly and the ball was going straight and longer without any real effort. Then things even got better when you had me use the special device and I noticed an immediate better ability to rotate and make the swing wit h improved balance. I hit the ball even better and couldn’t believe it.

I can’t thank you enough for your help and assistance as I was so frustrated with and struggling with my swing. You really have something and I look forward to future sessions with you and playing even better golf!      – G. B   23 HP.

*** Bob Cisco is the “real deal” when it comes to golf instruction. He is the only instructor I go to to fix and improve my swing!

He spotted one of the real reasons why I was losing distance and not hitting as well both my woods and irons and he corrected the swing fault and recommended more flexible clubs for me. Wow! Did this make the difference! I am hitting the ball 15 to 20 yards longer without having to swing harder and the club does more of the work now. I am impressed and highly recommend Bob Cisco for game improvement needs! – John Orlebeck

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Go to or call us at 323-255-3935. See golf school schedule at our web site.

Golf Tip of the Month with Bob Cisco — Golf’s Golden Rule 

The best golf philosophy is to get the ball in play off the tee and in the fairway and when you don’t you and in trouble off the fairway. The golden rule is to get the ball back on the fairway and don’t try to play the impossible shot or be the hero.

Many a score and round of golf has been salvaged and morale bettered when you elect this rule. It most definitely works! Try it! You will notice the difference in scores. Let me know how your course management and strategy is working on the course and how you are doing with your game!

You can reach me at [email protected] or at 323-255-3935!

My next Golf Newsletter and Tip will help you sharpen your short game skills & lower your scores guaranteed!

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