Perfect Balance Golf

Perfect Balance Golf: Your Key to Consistency and Shot-making in Golf is heralded as a ground breaking golf swing system that integrates the key fundamentals of balance, pivot, and drive into a highly dynamic and effective golf swing motion.

Based on key discoveries in golf on the role of balance and pivot in the golf swing by golf educator, performance advisor, and former PGA Tour instructor, Bob Cisco.

Bob Cisco’s golf students and clients have won over 100 golf tournaments including 50 pro tour events using his instructional method!

Over twenty newly found axioms of golf swing motion, balance, and pivot discovered by the author that all key top players in the game of  golf use in their swings.

Key data on the role of the pivot, moving from your center, how to harness efortless power. Many never seen or known to even golf instructional circles, now made public to golfers for the first time ever. Secrets of the golf swing, why they work based on their natural law.

His swing motion system has proven to be five  times more effective at his school of golf than any other golf training program or golf lesson series to date per latest successes, testimonials of students, and clients who have read the book and applied the Perfect Balance golf swing system.

Golf Perfect Balance is the third in a series of golf instructional books written by Bob Cisco. You can get his other popular books in the Amazon Marketplace. (“Ultimate Putting” and “The Ultimate Game of Golf”).

So if you want to play better golf, then get your copy now for yourself and for the golfer in your life. You don’t want your opponent to have this book. At least not yet!

What’s in the “Perfect Balance” Golf Book:

  • Why are golfers failing at the game of golf?
  • The New Balance Principle to Golf
  • The three major actions in the golf swing: Plant, Pivoting, and Drive
  • Footwork and leg drive are vital elements in effectibe shot-making
  • Rotational Balance: The hidden secret the pros use in the golf swing
  • Golf’s magic-move: Harnessing effortless power in the golf swing
  • A word about your most negelected piece of equipment: your shoes and feet
  • Key drills to the “Perfect Balance” integrated swing method

 What Others are Saying About the “Perfect Balance in Golf book”

Wow! In just two sessions with Bob Cisco and principles from his new book, I went from a 6 to a 1.7 handicap all within three weeks, and had two personal bests and a hole in one by the end of that month!! Bob talks a lot about the key role of balance and an effective pivot and his method really works. It’s nothing less from remarkable and I highly recommend his book and golf program.                                                Bill Di Masi, San Diego, CA

Like a master artist, Bob Cisco has evolved an instructional body of work second to none. His most recent masterpiece, “Perfect Balance” gets to the core of what makes the golf swing work.

All who read this book will greatly benefit by it, instructors and golfers alike. You will be amazed by this book especially the incredible information and research on balance not seen before. One of golf’s best kep secrets has just gone public!                        Preston Small — Broadcast Syndication, Madison, GA

I have been playing golf for 30 years or so and have been studying and learning the game the whole time. I have read many a book on golf. Bob Cisco’s book, “Perfect Balance” explains the way the golf club is swung better than any other book and is the finest book ever written on golf instruction! I have read the book three times over and have improved my game considerably incuding my enjoyment. I highly recommend you read it!         John Healy, Ontario Canada

 How to Order the Book —

Order at at the following link:

Cost is $14.97 + $4.03 shipping and handling + Tax = $20.85 total.

Or by PAY PAL and receive a personlized copy from Bob Cisco, the author. Same price.

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