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Bob Cisco’s new book, Perfect Balance: Your Key to Consistency and Shot-making in Golf.

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Secret to Getting Out of the Sand Every Time

Hey Guys:

Well in most rounds of golf you will

have a shot out of a sand trap around

the green and you will face a get

up and down situation. It might be a

pressure situation late in the round

or even while playing a match scenario. 


So you’ll have to have the confidence

to hit this shot and get the shot close

enough to make the putt and save par,

make birdie or even a bogey.


So in other words you need to make this

shot work and perform for you when it



Here’s how you hit this shot and an

“inside secret” to getting it close and

at the very least on the green with a

chance to make the putt.


The key to the sand shot is learning to

hit consistency behind the ball at least

two inches and accelerate thru at impact

with the hands swinging thru.


This shot is like a flop shot where you

hinge it up steeply and let it drop down

but you need to develop the skill at the

bottom of the arc where you enter the

sand to stay with the shot and hit behind

the ball two inches or more.


In doing so you get the bottom of the club

face, where all the weight is, to splash thru

the sand and in explode the ball out.


The key is learning how to move thru the

shot with the knees and thighs braced and

the hands unhinging back behind the ball

and swinging the club up and thru to stay

down and thru and complete the shot.


Leave a comment on how you like this drill

and if it pays dividends for you next time

your in the trap and have to get it up and

down without sweating it.


Bob Cisco — The Golf Performance Doctor

Short Game











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Do You Have This Problem with Your Golf Shots..?

Hi Guys:
Do you have this problem with your golf shots?
Do you find in a round of golf or in practicing that you
hit some wild shots off line like pushes or hooks that get
you in trouble like in a bad lie in the rough, behind a
tree or in the water or hit off in the wrong direction?
Well I have a solution or two for this.
The key to being more consistent and hitting more solid
shots is first of all being in CONTROL of your swing motion
and not swinging out of balance and too hard.
When you swing easier and ‘within yourself” you can be
in more control and that makes a big difference with the
outcome of your shots. Having the ball in play is the key
to scoring.
There’s a principle at work here that when you swing smoother
around 80 % pace, you will find you are more able to make a
better hit of the ball. That’s what timing is all about.
So that’s the first key to this is to do that consistently with your
shots. Think being in control of your swing motion and better
timing of the shot.
The other thing to do is make sure you are not going out of
balance as you rotate the upper body over the lower especially
in the backswing move and in the downswing towards the ball
and target. When you swing too hard one can lose your balance
and  spine angle.
These two key basics are essential in hitting consistent solid
shots and if you can maintain an easier pace and and your
balance, you  will be able to hit shots and play better, plus
score better.
Let me know how this works for you and leave
a comment here if you would on the site.
Bob Cisco
The Golf Performance Doctor

A Quick Mental Game Tip for You..!

Your mental attitude and how you
approach hitting shots has a lot to do with
the outcome. So if you approach or perceive shots in fear, anxiety or anger, the result will most likely not be positive, versus hitting shots
in interest or enthusiasm.

Try it and I think you’ll see better results with your game.

Who knows, you might even have more fun while playing.

Best regards, Bob Cisco

P.S. More Golf Tips like this are available on my web site at

Does that make sense? Try this out and let me
know if this works for you. Yep. You can’t worry about the past as it cannot be changed. You can only influence the future and positive attitude has everything to do with it.

All for now, Bob Cisco

Golf Training

New Hotline Golf Tip Service for Your Game!

I’ve been considering this for sometime now.

And have been checking with a few of you on it being a cool thing or not, especially now with things being a bit tight like they are. Would love to hear from more of you on this idea.

Imagine getting a key golf tip from a former PGA Tour instructor and best-selling author before your next important round of golf.

What would that do for your game? Could that be
a real advantage for you over your opponents?

Need a last minute Hot GOLF TIP to help boost
your confidence and improve your technique
before playing an important round of golf with
the boss or your golf buddies?

Or you’re not sure or can’t figure out the basic
right technique while waiting at the first or
tenth tee?

Or your at the golf range and are stumped and
can’t figure out what your golf swing is doing.
And would like to get the advise and get it right
from a real pro right then and there (over the phone).

I am leaning in the direction of offering this new
Golf Tip service for you, but like I said it would
be great to et more feedback on this. So if you
could shoot me an e mail that would be great!

You would call in for that key GOLF TIP and I can
tell you what to do right over the phone be it your
landline or your cell phone.

I’ll cover what the problem is, give you a quick fix
and refer you to a key reference or two from one of
my golf books with the correct illustration or photo.

As a bonus, I will e mail you the golf tip and the
points we covered that fixed your problem with a
reference page and picture so you have a hard copy
of it to review when you need to.

Cost of the instant golf tip service is $12.97 for
the golf tip and if you want the tip sent to your
e mail account so you have it to review as a hard
copy, add an additional $7.03. Total cost is $20.00.
The length of the call is a maximum of five minutes.

That’s pretty afforable I would think.

You can purchase additional time in increments of
10, 20 or 30 minutes or later and lock in the
same special price.

The additional cost is $20.00 for 10 minutes, $35.00
for 20 minutes and $50.00 for 30 minutes. If you need
more time we can schedule it over the phone or in
person in a golf lesson at the range or golf course.

In addition to this, I will give you 25% off towards
your next golf lesson or series good for the next 60
days to save you even more money.

Let me know what you think of this and if you would
like to set up a time for a private call and golf tip
over the phone.

I’ll be or my assistant will contact you on this to see if you would like to be placed in my schedule to contact you for my GOLF TIP Hotline Service.

Best regards,
Bob Cisco
Ultimate Golf Schools
818-448-9694 cell