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Golf: The Return of Aaron Baddeley

Baddleley wins LA Open!

Aaron Baddleley breaks out of a long slump and plays great golf to best the field this week.

Isn’t it interesting when a player who hasn’t won or played great golf for sometime remarks in the media interviews that he’s gone back to his “old” swing and reunites with his high school golf coach or instructor. And then goes onto win the tournament that week with a stellar performance like what Aaron Baddeley did at Riviera CC here in the LA Open here.

I see this phenomena a lot with pros who achieve either quick success on the PGA tour like “Bads”did early on or have a later super success. It reminds me of Curtis Strange winning two back to back US Opens in the late eigthies and chooses to change his swing afterwards. What were the results?  Never got back to where he was.  Some players can do it like Nick Faldo did and perhaps Tiger Woods has done like-wise but why is Tiger still reworking his swing after being the best in the world for 1o years and yes he has had knee surgery and he does swing too hard still.

I also recall “the comeback” of Mark Brooks who went on to win the PGA Championship some years ago.  I would  imagime  Kevin Na, who finished third,  most likely doesn’t know of Brooks, but  much like Aaron here, he too  went back to his swing of old and his high school golf teacher and got back on track too. And they both WON! I am sure there are a number of other stories like this out there.

I don’t recall Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Ben Hogan working on making swing changes with different techniques. At a certain point the player gains his own mastery of technique and it’s a game of mental focus and visualization in hitting shots from there.

You see winning has its own formula to success and it has a lot to do with doing what you do best and not deviating from that. And that carries into the caution of not changing your golf swing to the newest swing methods and gurus suggesting it’s the best thing since ‘slice-bread’.  It can be a temptation and a curse when you change away from what you do best. Players have different abilities and styles that is for sure. 

I have always worked on making the player’s strengths better and in doing so the weaknesses seem less. And in Baddeley’s case changing away from a natural swing and style that flows wasn’t the right thing to do trying to adopt to the’ Stack and Tilt’ method.

It’s a bit tricky but you have to be able to recognize what to work on and not to head off chasing the wrong “rainbow”.  Sticking to what works is best with your swing when you focus on fundamentals but when you start changing some basics around you’re heading for trouble. You want to improve your scoring game and recovery shots for sure not changing your swing to something that feels unnatural. A player has his own unique style or signature. Then its all about learning to score, and of course  the mental game of being able to intend the shot to the target.

I specialize in getting players back on track and the ability to score so if you need help in this or are friends with an advanced player or pro, I have the ability to help him get it back working again with a little bit of magic thrown in as well and winning again at their game like ‘Bads’ here. Welcome back.

You can contact me about how I do this. Each person gets a specialized program I write personally to get this result. I even guarentee results.

 My number is 818-448-9694.

Bob Cisco – The Golf Performance Doctor

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Secret to Getting Out of the Sand Every Time

Hey Guys:

Well in most rounds of golf you will

have a shot out of a sand trap around

the green and you will face a get

up and down situation. It might be a

pressure situation late in the round

or even while playing a match scenario. 


So you’ll have to have the confidence

to hit this shot and get the shot close

enough to make the putt and save par,

make birdie or even a bogey.


So in other words you need to make this

shot work and perform for you when it



Here’s how you hit this shot and an

“inside secret” to getting it close and

at the very least on the green with a

chance to make the putt.


The key to the sand shot is learning to

hit consistency behind the ball at least

two inches and accelerate thru at impact

with the hands swinging thru.


This shot is like a flop shot where you

hinge it up steeply and let it drop down

but you need to develop the skill at the

bottom of the arc where you enter the

sand to stay with the shot and hit behind

the ball two inches or more.


In doing so you get the bottom of the club

face, where all the weight is, to splash thru

the sand and in explode the ball out.


The key is learning how to move thru the

shot with the knees and thighs braced and

the hands unhinging back behind the ball

and swinging the club up and thru to stay

down and thru and complete the shot.


Leave a comment on how you like this drill

and if it pays dividends for you next time

your in the trap and have to get it up and

down without sweating it.


Bob Cisco — The Golf Performance Doctor

Short Game











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Its Great to See A Pro Golfer Reach for the Stars…

Hi Everyone:

Graeme Mc Dowell’s win at this weekend’s US Open was nothing short of a stellar feat for the N. Ireland native.  He definitely made it happen despite all odds.

He played some really good golf in what turned out to be more of a bit of an all European final with the  tough  fast greens that turned lightning fast.  A  Frenchmen named Gregory Havret, also played fantastic golf,  to almost force a playoff as well.

Grame defeated golf’s big three who all had chances to win by far, but they could not mount  steady charges and do their thing, including that of Tiger Woods, who looked like he was back once again.

Not since Tony Jacklin won in 1970 have we seen someone from the British Isles win the US Open here on American soil.

Hats off to Greame Mc Dowell and his great play at historic Pebble Beach on Dad’s Day with his father present at the 18 th green to acknowlege his great triumph.  It doesn’t get much better than that now does it!

What was Greame’s secret to success and his play?

It was his driving in the fairway, his putting and self confidence in himself in a game introduced to him by his Dad, who believed in his son’s ability to play the game and be a great  golfer.

Not the longest driver of the ball by far but steady and long enough to be in the fairway most of the time mixed with mastery of the greens with his putter, he prevailed.  These key statistics along with his good iron play made the difference enough to win by one shot at the famed Pebble Beach layout.

It sure was good theatre and a great day to be with your Dad and win golf’s greatest tournament, our U.S. Open.

What I liked especially about this Irishmen was his resolve and determination to hang in there and make things happen.  He made up his mind and hit the golf shot in a decisive manner. Excellent  short game as well around the greens.

Golfers can learn from his routine and get into hitting shots with determination. Take dead aim and fire!

All for now and onto the Bristish Open at St. Andrews in Scotland for golf’s next and third major of the season.

Best,  Bob Cisco, The Golf Doctor

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Will Tiger Play at the Chevron Golf World Challenge..?

Hi Guys:

Everyone is wondering if Tiger will arrive in California to play and host his special event this week at Sherwood in Westlake Village, CA.

He is scheduled to speak with the media at a press conference here on Tuesday but event officials still have not gotten the final word on if he is coming or can play this week due to injury from his recent accident in Florida. And then’s there’s the media controversy that’s going on.

Knowing Tiger he will come and will come to play some serious golf this week with his game face on and host his event nicely  as he  has in the past.

A victory here would mean some serious money going to his Tiger Woods Foundation as he has given his total winnings to the Foundation in the past and I think that is more important  that all the media frenzy going on. Proceeds go to improving education in Caifornia schools and several very cool projects.

It was  a smart move to move the tournament up one week as the weather here in So Calif is super around 70 degrees each day for the tournament.

I am looking forward to the crowd roar when his name is announced at the first tee and the tournament gets going this week. Great field and there should be the fantastic scoring this week.  

Let’s play golf guys!

Best, Bob Cisco.  The Golf Doctor

Effortless Power Golf Training

Want Effortless Power in Your Golf Swing..?

Hi Guys:
I’ve been meaning to ask you this question.
Can you recall a time when you hit a beautiful drive right
down the middle of the fairway long and straight?
I bet you felt pretty good about that drive and where you
hit it. Sometimes that feeling of a great drive lingers and
stays with you for awhile and then it goes.
But where does the feeling go and how do you reconnect
or find it again?  These are some things I think about .
That drive by the way is the one you most likely talk
about a lot at the 19 th hole, on the way home in the car 
talking to your golf friends, or over dinner at home
that night.
Well the good new is that you still hit even more of
these great drives long and straight. You sure can. I am
sure of that. You see, there is a formula for how to hit
such powerful consistent long drives.
Effortless  drives really have one really key
ingredient: your timing is great and everything blends
together seamlessly, but there is one chief characteristic
to them that gets overlooked a lot: they all stem from
having great balance throughout the swing. Having a
good pivoting action helps a lot too.
Besides being recognized for his great mental game,
what Tiger does best is his impeccable balance, swinging
at 131 mph in one second. He’s in “perfect balance
and he hits consistently good shots off the clubface,
rotating the club and body in a blend of perfect
balance and harmony.
Each of us have the ability to hit good drives when we
follow the key formula for effortless power.
Would you like to know what it is and how to generate
it consistently in your drives and shots?
Back by popular demand —
Mark August 8 th, Saturday from 12 to 3 PM on your
calendar for a very special event that’s designed just for
you!   Not only is this our only summer Effortless Power
and Balance Workshop, but I have a very SPECIAL 
ANNOUNCEMENT to make here —
Do you remember that the survey we did a month or
two ago on balance and I said I was working on
something for you. Well its on its way here.
News Flash!
After months of intensive research on the problem
golfers have with INCONSISTENCY with their swings ,
we have a special anouncement of some importance:
a new golf instructional training device that FOR THE
FIRST TIME EVER — teaches the feeling of balance
in  the golf swing motion like never before.
The feeling of balance has been captured in a new
swing trainer designed and invented,  personally by
myself, and from what the test results we have seen
already, looks very promising and  will help you be
more consistent in your swing, play and score better
in your golf.
I have some doing some cool case studies recently
that are very promising indeed  that I would like to share
with you  shortly here with my swing balance system and
our new balance trainer, Balance-Right.  You’re going to
like the Balance-Right swing trainer. It’s like nothing
you’ve ever seen and there is nothing like it on the market
and it works great!
You can be one of the first golfers to experience
how it works and get you swing FEELING in total
BALANCE at our Effortless Power Workshop, adding
distance and accuracy and hitting GREAT DRIVES on
a more consistent basis.
2 Time long drive champion John Marshall has just
signed to assist me, on KEY power tips for effortless
drives! You got to see this great effortless swing of John’s.
What: Special Effortless Power Workshop 
When: August 8 th, Saturday from 12 to 3 Pm
Where: Los Amigos GC Learning Center
Call for special price which includes special bonus
3 Day/2 Night Free Getaway Vacation package, valued
at over $200.00. Special price is $197.00, which is
$100.00 off the normal price.
Call 323-255-3935 and speak with one of my staff or
myself and get signed up. You can also register online
at our web site at
This will be the best workshop you attend all year so
don’t miss out on it!
Best, Bob Cisco 
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Balance and Consistency are First Cousins in the Golf Swing Motion

Did you know that balance and consistency are first cousins in the golf swing motion?

It’s true. You see them together almost all the time. Hanging out and interacting in the golf swing.  Interesting how balance has so much to do with consistency in the golf siwng motion.

Hit a good shot and you always find you’re in balance. Hit a bad one and you’re usually “off balance” in some part of the swing motion. Interesting hey.

As a matter of fact,  most likely the most neglected and misunderstood key basic or fundamental in the golf swng.

I’ve done a lot of recent key research on this area and I will share with you what I found out here.

Here’s a recent article on the importance of this relationship being maintained, how it is done and how you can improve your balance and have better golf shots.

This report has some of my finest research and work and I am letting you in behind the curtain here to see it.


Why You Still Can’t Break 100, 90 and 80 in Golf

And How Balance and Consistency are Key 


If you’re not breaking thru the next barrier in your

golf game and you’re still hitting inconsistent shots,

then, sit down and read this special report and find

out WHY you’re having the trouble you’re having with

your golf swing and game.


So what is INCONSISTENCY in my game, golf swing

and shot-making?  That’s a  great question to be

asking yourself and your golf teacher.


Golfers use this ONE word all the time. I’m inconsistent

with hitting my shots  and with my swing.. I hear it a lot

as an instructor and have for some time. For years as

a matter of fact, I hear this one word describing more

problems than any other.


Inconsistent with what part or aspect of the golf swing

motion, path or clubface delivery? How often has your

instructor or teacher asked you that more specific question.

Probably not. And he should be asking you for these

specifics if he’s going to get more to the bottom of your

problem with your game and Inconsistency.


Inconsistency can mean a lot of things to the golfer.

as a problem in the golf swing, it sums up mainly

around swing errors that lead up to an improper

swing path and motion thru the ball.


It has to do with the amount of deviation from a

certain norm or degrees in delivering the clubface

to the ball at impact in the golf swing is getting

closer to what  it is. More on this later in this article.


Swinging at 90 or 100 mph in two seconds or less

and making sold impact with the club head at impact

is actually impressive and a real athletic skill. So do

pat yourself on the back a bit because you’re playing

one of the most difficult sports where there is higher

velocity or speed that is required to swing with a club

and propel a ball down the fairway.


Each of these golf swing symptoms are manifestations of

some kind of an error in the motion of the golf swing and

its path being swung around the body with the weighted



When you’re dealing with swinging a club, bat or racquet

around your body at high speed, to the degree that you

can do that and swing in balance will greatly impact and

improve a number of these key factors and swing positions.


Top players, who are the epitome of balance and

consistency, all key on swinging or rotating in balance.

Remember that. That’s one of the key rules you must

follow with eh swing.


Your best rounds of golf were most likely when you swung

easier and smoother and found yourself more in control

and had good timing. Recall a few of such rounds and

you’ll find that’s what you were doing and why the

round and your swing felt better and effortless that day,

your timing was exceptional and felt better.


So what is Inconsistency really in the golf swing motion?

And how can you get more of it as a skill and improved

ability on your shot-making?


We have known for many years that many of the key

problems golfers have, have to do with the backswing

move done incorrectly. It is here that the majority of

errors in a faulty swing can be found. This is from the

initial takeaway (Swing position 1) to waist-high position

in the backswing move (Swing Position Two).


There are more things can go wrong with the swing

in this first crucial zone of movement (SP 1 and SP2)

than in any other part in the golf swing motion. The

error in the first three feet is usually a combination

of several errors, some quite drastic and caustic

to a good repeating golf swing.


This is a big problem because there can be a number

of swing errors going on at the same time in the

backswing that can mask the real problem and be

difficult not only for the golfer to identify and solve

for himself, but likewise can be a real challenge for

the golf teacher to recommend solutions  in trying 

to fix the golfer’s basic swing problem and errors.


Eighty per cent of all swing errors are contained in

this move away from the ball to waist-high position

(Swing position 2). Wow. That’s a host of swing

errors in just one area of the golf swing motion.


These swing errors manifest themselves in a

combination of errors that when the golfer swings

this way, with one of these key errors present,

he can may get away with perhaps one miscue

or error as a result and get an okay, somewhat

satisfactory result, but not when he has two or

more of such fundamental errors.


Arnold Palmer said in one of his key books:

“If I got the takeaway right with my swing, the

green light was on for a  good swing and hit”.

How true that is here and supports this premise

that the primary error in the golf swing and

most crucial part has to do with your

backswing motion.


So remember what “A.P” said here and you’ll

play better as a result of this advice.


Watch the top players and notice how they

are working on that takeaway move a lot —

as a constant reminder of its importance to get

it right in the takeaway as a swing exercise and

drill, and to groove in the move away from the

ball. Several players even adopted it into their

waggle and practice swing move.


You probably have hear of this also referred to as

the one-piece takeaway from the ball in the

backswing move. Yes that is correct.


The key to fixing your INCONSISTENCY lies in

handling this key error or the series of faulty

errors that you have that show up in the INITIAL

takeaway and the first three feet of your swing

back swing move.


This is the crucial zone in the backswing move

and is one of the most vital move in the golf swing

motion that will make or break your success for

making solid contact with hitting the ball. It has

a large part to do with  improving your consistency

in your ball-striking.


Your move back to the ball in the forward swing is

also vital but the majority of golfers are already too

far out of position, and have to make a big compensation

in a series of ways quickly to get back into, the correct

position to hit the ball at impact. Which in most cases

does not happen and results are less than satisfactory

and Inconsistent at best.


By the time the golfer has reached the top of his

backswing, (Swing position 3) he has stacked up a

combination of errors to overcome in his swing, that he

has to handle quickly and overcome or compensate for. 


First of all, what I discovered which was hard to believe

with all the information written about the golf swing, that

the understanding of basic motion of the golf swing has

been essentially misunderstood by many golf students

and teaching pros.


This sounds rather basic but upon further examination

of what’s being taught  and told to students to do, is a

series of isolated mechanics of positions and technique,

not sound theory of basics and fundamentals of the golf

swing motion (motion, timing and rhythm).This needs

to change.


When one is being consistent in his swing motion and 

is swinging or rotating the club and his body In a

synchronize way and in balance, his timing is more

effectively and performs better as he swings the club

around his body. This creates a better pivoting action and

driving  action up against the left side and out towards

the target with acceleration.



The golf swing is not a movement of focusing on or

concentrating on isolated swing positions and the swing

plane itself. That is a secondary focus but not of primary

importance in the golf swing motion.


It is a concentration on feeling in balance, shifting your

weight smoothly back and forth, and timing the hit or

release of the golf shot. That’s what you focus on. Ask

any advanced player or pro on what he focuses on

while swinging.


It May Not Be All Your Fault —


The golf swing has been over complicated and made

too difficult to understand for most golfers especially

the information having to do with swing plane, its function

and its importance. This has been going on now for

sometime – actually over 50 yrs or more and is during

that time that the national average has only improved

less than one stroke. An unfortunate but Interesting point.


The average golfer who can not break 100 or 90 is OUT OF BALANCE

in their golf swing from the get-go.


This actually happens in the first foot to three foot zone of

their golf swing and from there, the golfer is struggling to

create a compensation for being out of balance from this

swing center position, which then affects their pivot, tempo

and timing pattern. The golfer then tries desperately to

overcome these errors which in most cases he really can’t.

Inconsistent shots result.


I spent ten years or more studying this problem directly and

my research on this is contained and written up in my latest

golf book project: Perfect Balance, Your Key to Consistency

and Shot-making in Golf. I go into more in depth detail

about this breakthrough, Inconsistency, the discoveries I

made, and the over twenty new axioms found on motion

and balance in the golf swing. You can see order the

complete report in book form if you don’t already have it 

by going to


In my latest research on the role of footwork, balance,

and swing center, I stumbled upon an important discovery

in the golf swing — that the golf swing motion starts not only

with the club, but with the assistance of the feet from the ball of

the foot/arch area when the golfer starts the club back in his swing.


The feet are the only part of the body in touch with the

ground and actually act as “guide posts” for the harnessing

and balancing of the body that is coiling around its swing

center. They create a kinetic chain effect upwards in the

golf swing motion.


Tiger Woods in his book, “How I Play Golf”, “stated  that

power is generated from the ground up, starting with the

connection to the ground with your feet and working



I found in my eight year research study that the majority

of golfers — those who couldn’t break 100 and 90 –

tended to over-rotate the feet especially the ankle and

hips in the early part of the back-swing, and that this

point alone caused a host of problems in the golf swing,.

especially with their timing pattern, maintaining of spine

angle, and overall lack of consistency to hit solid shots.


This point has been truly overlooked, missed and has

been unknown to traditional golf instruction with

the national average stuck at over 100 for most

men and women golfers for the past 50-75 years,

despite all the new technological advances in golf



This sounds to me like we have placed too much

emphasis on the wrong area. I go into this in more

detail in a book I recently wrote on this and you will

find  in some ways discover a bit of a conspiracy by

those in the higher ranks of golf associations, to

suppress this information from ever really getting it

to the masses of golfers for a particular vested reason.


This is because if golfers started figuring this out better

for themselves they really wouldn’t need to reply so

heavily on a swing coach or golf teachers with the bottom

line being that instructors of the game would give far less

lessons to students.


But what if there was a better way that all golfers could

benefit from such instruction?  Not only from a good golf

teacher when needed but could essentially personally

train themselves on these key fundamentals, i.e. balance,

pivot and better timing in their golf swings. And that they

could achieve better consistency and hit more solid golf

shots as a result?


So do this for me: Work on your back swing move as more

of a one piece takeaway away from the ball and be more

aware of your balance especially in the first three feet of your

golf swing. “Think balance” in your golf swing man!


While you’re doing that I’ll get back to you soon as I am on to

something that will greatly help you in this area as a training



Imagine for a moment a personal training device that would

groove in this key move with your balance, pivot and timing?

Wouldn’t that be something.


Talk to you soon and let me know how you liked the special  report.


Leave a comment right now.


Bob Cisco –

Golf Performance advisor






A Quick Mental Game Tip for You..!

Your mental attitude and how you
approach hitting shots has a lot to do with
the outcome. So if you approach or perceive shots in fear, anxiety or anger, the result will most likely not be positive, versus hitting shots
in interest or enthusiasm.

Try it and I think you’ll see better results with your game.

Who knows, you might even have more fun while playing.

Best regards, Bob Cisco

P.S. More Golf Tips like this are available on my web site at

Does that make sense? Try this out and let me
know if this works for you. Yep. You can’t worry about the past as it cannot be changed. You can only influence the future and positive attitude has everything to do with it.

All for now, Bob Cisco


Your Three Metal is Key to Control Off the Tee…

Hi Guys:

Take a page from Players’ Championship winner
Henrik Stenson’s play book, who used his three
off the tee the majority of times and
hit all 13 fairways in the last round, on
his way to a cool effortless 66. And win by
four strikes.

His secret  weapon was a 13 degree three
wood that gave him super control and distance
off the tee.

I’ve been a big believer of using the three
metal off the tee for years now to drive for
position in the fairway. And have recommended
using it as a strategy to all my students.
I even wrote a drill you use can do with
hitting the driver vs. the three wood in
my golf  book, “The Ultimate Game of Golf”
(Sect. 3).

So try using your three wood more if you
want to have better scores, be in the fairway,
and control your drives off the tee box.

Tiger could well use his 3 wood more to his advantage.

Talk to you soon. Bob Cisco


Pretty Good Play at Quail Hollow..! Or was that a Preview of the Players Chapionship?

We got a look at some great ball striking at the Quail Hollow Championship this weekend.

Seemed like all the players took their game to the next level with Woods enterered in the field and hit good shots all week.

Kudos to O’Hair for his great play. He had Faldo remarking on his ball striking being “Hoganesque”,  his longest putt around 8 feet all day except on the 17 th. He hit a lot of solid shots all week. He’s becoming a player to reckon with. And I am sure his mano to mano play with Tiger at Bay Hill made him a better player.

Bubba Watson has some game and great touch around the green for a guy who hits it 370 yards and more. Were’s Daly gone to?

Tiger back for more next week. You don’t think Woods is prepping for the US Open do you think  playing in such events?

So dial it all in again on TV this weekend for The Players Championship.  I know I will for sure along with the Lakers and Rockets basketball sandwiched in between.

Will the Aussies rule at Sawgrass?

See you next week,  Bob Cisco


Great Masters Sunday Finish

Wow! What a finish to the Masters! it was shoot-out at ok corral for sure. Phil’s excellent adventure and 30 on the front nine and Tiger’s eagle at the 8 th hole.

I suspected a play-off but with Tiger one of the guys!

A victory for Cabrera and Argentina. And for Roberto D. (the wrong score on scorecard inc.)

Disappointment for KP. Kenny will be back next sure and know how to get it done. He’s had a great three year ride in his late 40s and is a super guy. He even clapped for Angel the eventual winner. How’s that for class!

Certaintly was a great Masters! Now onward for the US Open in June as golf’s 2nd major of the season continues in mid June in New York.