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Posts Tagged ‘Instruction’

Donald Rolls Thru World Golf Championship and New #1 Kaymer

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Hi Guys:

Luke Donald plays spectacular golf to beat new No 1 in the world, Martin Kaymer in World Mach Play finals.

I first saw Donald up close at the Tiger Woods Chevron World Inviational five years ago and remarked on a radio show interview he was destined to be a rising super star in the world of golf. He went on to win that event then. And he’s about to rise higher in the world of golf here in 2011.

He and Kaymer are good friends and player together in the Ryder Cup and helped to defeat the US team in Sept 2010.

What I love about Luke Donald is his total or perfect balance in his golf swing and shots. You can see it in all aspects of his swing.  His long and short game to the putter. He’s got the rhythm and exquisite timing. Never forcing the shot.  Being in control throughout the swing.

Martin Kayner is another great example of precision, great balance and timing in the golf swing and has all the shots. Look for his talent to shine thru here in the majors this year.

Looks like a new era has emerged in golf  as some fine talent and personalities come forward to rise to the top.

Hopefully we can see their firepower at Augusta for the first major of the year along with a fallen star that’s risng, Tiger Woods, whose won here multiple times.

Sounds pretty exciting as we head towards The Masters here!

Down the middle,

Bob Cisco. the Golf Performance Doctor, www.allaboutgolf.us

P.S. Work on your balance and timing this week and you’ll find you’ll hit better more consisntent golf shots this week.

Secret to Getting Out of the Sand Every Time

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Hey Guys:

Well in most rounds of golf you will

have a shot out of a sand trap around

the green and you will face a get

up and down situation. It might be a

pressure situation late in the round

or even while playing a match scenario. 


So you’ll have to have the confidence

to hit this shot and get the shot close

enough to make the putt and save par,

make birdie or even a bogey.


So in other words you need to make this

shot work and perform for you when it



Here’s how you hit this shot and an

“inside secret” to getting it close and

at the very least on the green with a

chance to make the putt.


The key to the sand shot is learning to

hit consistency behind the ball at least

two inches and accelerate thru at impact

with the hands swinging thru.


This shot is like a flop shot where you

hinge it up steeply and let it drop down

but you need to develop the skill at the

bottom of the arc where you enter the

sand to stay with the shot and hit behind

the ball two inches or more.


In doing so you get the bottom of the club

face, where all the weight is, to splash thru

the sand and in explode the ball out.


The key is learning how to move thru the

shot with the knees and thighs braced and

the hands unhinging back behind the ball

and swinging the club up and thru to stay

down and thru and complete the shot.


Leave a comment on how you like this drill

and if it pays dividends for you next time

your in the trap and have to get it up and

down without sweating it.


Bob Cisco — The Golf Performance Doctor

Short Game Specialistwww.allaboutgolf.us