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Masters Golf First Major of the Year Ready to Go

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011


 1-2-3 here we go as we ramp up to golf’s 1st major of the year: The Masters.

Weather looks great so we should see some good scoring and going low at Augusta Nat’l.

Defending champion Phil Mickelson for the first time is the odds on favorite over Tiger Woods.  After his win at the Houston Open “Lefty” is confident and ready.

Six players have a chance at not only win but can become No. 1 in the world!

Large international field tees it up on Thurs after the traditional Par Three event on Wednes.

Many folks wondering if Tiger Woods  can break-out and win after being win-less in 2010.

Bob Cisco comments:  The great thing about the Masters is not only the course and its great tradition and players, but the golf fans who are so respectful of the game and players, they provide an atmosphere and backdrop for the players to perform  well.

These are the greatest fans all in golf and they love being in the same place that Bobby Jones made so famous.

The weather should be just right for the “right of Spring” for the tournament and its wonderful scenery and aesthetics.

Can’t wait to watch from here on TV and live feed!  The Masters is my favorite major.

Look for an exciting  play-off and come from behind victory this year!

Instructional Note:  Watch for the rhythm in the player’s swings and how he controls his pace this way.

This is one of the secrets to hitting the ball in the fairway. Along with using the right club and laying-up where you need to do this.

Also the touch and feel with the putter on the greens which are some of the fastest on Tour.

In the fairway,  Bob Cisco,

the Golf Performance Doctor.  www.swingmentor.com

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Els Ready Now For Golf’s Masters Run…

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Hi Guys:

Golf’s first major of the year, The Masters is fast upon us with a field of old guard internationals playing great golf along with some new young talent and star power. Veterans like Els, Goosen and Lee Westwood are on their games and should do real well at Augusta.  

Anyway its Spring time in Augusta and time for a real shoot out at the Masters perhaps golf’s greatest championship.

Let’s see who wins in Houston athis week and then onto Augusta and the Masters tournament.

Amen Corner is where it will be at coming down the stretch on Sunday. Will it be Els who’ll make it happen this year. Can Phil or Tiger be in contention at the end. Or can Kenny Perry make up for his loss at last years Masters.  

Ernie Els off to his best start in years with victories at the Honda Classic and AP’s Invitational. The “Big Easy” is back! And looks like the man to beat and could be readied to win for the first time at Augusta.

Ernie looks really comfortable with his putting and confident with his ball striking. What great timing in the golf swing. He reminds me so much of Sam Snead’s great rhythmic swing.

The Aussies are hungry for a win at Augusta as well with Allenby and Oglivy leading the charge down old “Magnolia Lane”.

Then again don’t count out the old guard guys like former Masters champion Freddie Couples, who is also hot as a pistol, playing the Champions tour like a junior star for the first time in his inaugural season at age 50 with three straight wins. Freddie’s really driving and putting great! 

Then there’s VJ Singh whose won here and plays well here too.  Former champion Phil Michelson looking to break thru as well and win here in 2010.  Jim Furyk looks like he’s in form as well with two victories in the last four months to his credit. Ian Poulter, recent winner of the World Golf Championship should be up there on Sunday on the leaderboard as well.

This should be a great Masters tournament  and go down to the wire as usual.

Whose your pick to win at Augusta? Will it be a playoff?

All for now, Bob Cisco


Could This Be Golf’s Year of the Daley?

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Hi Guys:

You may have missed this during “Tiger Slam” but this news which was rather more inconspicuous than Tiger’s, was surfacing a few weeks ago from “down under” in Australia there.

In December when Australia has its majors, an American pro golfer quietly tied up it named John Daley. Yes, the real Daley who stayed long enough to play a couple of the majors there and finished ninth in one of them. Many of the Aussie fans weren’t sure if it was him at first. But it was the real John Daley, minus about 100 lbs of him.

Daley not only has slimmed down 100 pounds or so and looks even better than when he ventured on and won the PGA in the early 1990s but is back with an intensity and desire to make his golf game here heading into 2010, his comeback year and “the year OF THE DALEY”.

With Tiger Woods probably not retuning till June for the US Open or later or not at all this year, John could have a break out year here and move to the top of the leader boards. Who knows he might even contend and win another major at the British or PGA Championship this summer.

I remember what Tiger said had said about big John Daley. He’s got more talent than anyone golfer I know. Well maybe that talent will find its way again.  Golf sure needs a star to return or step up to the plate this year with a certain person missing in action on an indefinite leave from the game.

I have to tell you I saw John hit what I would say was one of the most memorable and magically crafted shot I have ever seen at a golf tournament. This was at Riviera CC in the LA Open several years ago and it was on the par three fourth or fifth hole there, where he hit the green with a long iron and was stymied by a sand trap that was imbedded or situated in the green there.


A very unique and rather famous hole on Los Angeles golf history. Instead of putting Daley took a sand or lob wedge and “flipped it like a flap-jack” with his wedge straight up and down next to the hole from about 45 feet away. It was sort of magically and definitely ALL FEEL! I’ll never forget the image and this shot. One of the best I’ve ever seen.


John probably figures that with all the media attention on ‘Tiger Slam’ and where’s Tiger these days that he could move more quietly around at golf courses and make a statement with his better play and cash more in where he’s been missing. You have to recall some here that he was suspended by the PGA Tour for his behavior last year  “as golf’s bad boy” and sat out six months or so. of that suspension. from the commissioner.


Daley I would think feels a sense of relief in a way that he’s not the singled-out player in the dog house and with all the media trying to figure out Tiger’s next move, a remunerated Daley is on the move and lookout here. You got to also like the new outfit with the pants. Right?

So let’s watch and see what a new waistline, girlfriend and attitude can do for John Daley. If it will have him hitting stronger or will it be too much of a change like when Craig Stadler dropped 50 pounds. He later said phooey and went back up in weight. It changed his swing tempo according to him too much. Maybe it was the wine and deserts were too much to give up as well. Who knows.


Anyway this could be an interesting year here in 2010 with anything goes and let’s place the casting call at: calling all new faces, young guns and old and let’s get it on in the new year. There’s events and lots of cash to win and fund raisers to help with a good cause.


Let’s see what happens here.


Bob Cisco – The Golf Doctor.  www.allaboutgolf.us








How YE Yang Defeated Golf’s Best Player Tiger Woods

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Wow. What a great finish to the PGA Championship here this Sunday!

I practically jumped off the couch when YE pitched in on the par four for eagle. And then went toe to toe with Tiger.

This had to be the best Sund major finish in many years and brought the word “excitement” back into the majors on Sunday.

YE looks like a miniture Tiger Woods in many ways. He’s got a great golf swing and has a mental game based on two key ingredients: courage and believe in self.

I am so glad to see a player step up to the plate and say: I can do this why not. Just play golf and play my own game. Tiger’s great but so am I.

This did more for the game of golf here –especially internationally golf –with Yang becoming the first male Asian golfer to win a major here in America.  Just like “Tiger mania” in 1997 with Woods winning the Masters, now Yang is the “mania” for many Asian young players to follow, play more golf and play professionally. 

Way to go YE Yang and thanks for a great Sunday showing of golf’s best major of the 2009 season and year!

Perhaps we”ll see Tiger and Yang go mano to mano at the President’s Cup next month in San Francisco here in the President’s Cup. That would be a great rematch wouldn’t it.

For all you golfers out there, YE Yang’s SECRET has to do with his great sense of balance and ability to rotate his trunk and the swinging club head in superb timing. A lot like Tiger hey.

Talk soon!  Bob Cisco,

the golf doctor


Golf Training:Take A Page from Tiger’s Play Book…

Monday, June 8th, 2009

Wow! Great come back over the weekend by Tiger.

Yes, he’s like our superman to golf. That’s for sure!

Shoots 68-65 = 133 to beat the best at Jack’s Memorial Tournament over the weekend. Key players shaking their heads again.

Awesome perfromance Tiger.

Did you notice the change with his golf swing and the analysis the commentators did on Saturday during the tournament.

The secret to his consistency is his rotation & keen sense of balance.

He ties his balance to his intense concentration with and on the target  like no other except that of Jack Nicklaus, who handled him the trophy for the fourth time again. Jones and Hogan were also great at this mental skill.

With his improved control off the tee hitting many more fairways  and his great putting and short game, he’s got to be the outright FAVORITE for the US Open at Beth Page Black in two weeks. 

Do what Tiger does and match your balance to your intention and create that focus to the hole in your shot-making. Create the shot.

Best, Bob Cisco.  Golf performance advisor


P.S. What do you think is Tiger’s secret to his swing and game?

Shootout at the Masters on Easter Sunday..!

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

Watch Jim Furyk grap the lead at the turn today and the theater unfold thru Amen Corner and the par 5s with the leaderboard today on this Master’s Sunday’s final round.

Tiger needs a 64 for better to make playoff or to win.

But I think in the end, it’s Kenny Perry’s who will manuver thru the road-jam. And his lucky star will shine and prevail when it is all over at 18!

Enjoy Easter and the Masters to all who love the game of golf!

Best, Bob Cisco