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Mental Game to Golf:

“Being Decisive Drill”

by Bob Cisco, Tour Instructor

As a practical drill, look over your game and find where you have been uncertain about your golf shots. Work out how you can get into that situation again, and find a way that you approach that shot in a more decisive way and hit the shot you feel you can produce with a bit more confidence.

If you want to improve your shot-making and golf score, then keep the following datum constantly in mind:

All well executed golf shots are the result of being DECISIVE and sure at the moment of hitting the golf shot to the target.


Try to create a discipline around this and approach your shots more this way and you will find that your course management skills and scores will improve.

Bob Cisco is a PGA tour instructor & performance advisor, author, and talk show host.

Bob conducts a popular Short Game Bootcamp
in Los Angeles and Orange County and can be reached at 323-255-3935 or on the web at!

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The Golf Philosophy is:
“Keep the Ball in Play”

by Bob Cisco, Tour Instructor

 In this All About Golf Article, we are looking at a common problem ve seen many golfers have in their games and they wonder sometimes with amazement why their golf scores are so high and that has to do with having no real game plan or scoring strategy to work from. I definitely hear it from many students and clients as golfers don’t like to play bad and especially have really bad scores.

Here’s a key principle that even the pros constantly have in mind and if you adopt this strategy, you will not only manage your game better but have better scores!

There is a golf philosophy to apply and that is to get the ball in play off the tee and in the fairway and when you don’t you and in trouble off the fairway, the golden rule is to get the ball back on the fairway and don’t try to play the impossible shot or be the hero.

This reminds me of a couple of stories where I observed Jack Nicklaus at the LA Open one year drive it bad with the driver on the first three or four holes and elect to keep the driver in the bag the rest of the day, drive with the three wood and still end up scoring par or better. Or the pro player who hit it deep in the woods, hit an eight iron out and around the bend into the fairway, hit another eight iron onto the green and sank a twenty five foot putt for par and went onto shoot 68 in that match. Smart play produce morale.

Many a score and round of golf has been salvaged and morale bettered when you elect this rule. It most definitely works! Try it in your own game!

Let me know how your course management and strategy is working on the course and how you are doing with your game! You can reach me at [email protected] or at 323-255-3935.


“Grip Pressure is key to Swing and Feel”

Most golfers grip too hard. One of my pros I work with had the occasion to play a round of golf with Phil Michelson and asking Phil to critique his performance and was told that his grip pressure could be more relaxed.

 The left hand grip is the controller especially the last three fingers of the left hand. The fingers guide and control your golf swing. Many top players of the game call it a “light firmness” and this is what you should strive for in the left hand grip pressure.


The right hand grip is more of in the finger grip and holds the club lighter especially what we call “the trigger fingers” – the right thumb and forefinger – are always light with the touch with the grip.


The key is having both the left and right hand grip working in unison and not being aware of one more than the other except with the idea of controlling the golf swing and shot with the left hand and arm.


A good drill taken from my Ultimate Game of Golf book,

is to grip the club in your hands with the club extended away from your body with the toe of the club pointing straight up and outward. Have your instructor or golf friend, take hold of the club and try to pull the club out of your hands. If he can easily take the club out of your hands, you are gripping too light. If your gripping too hard, he will have trouble pulling the club away from you.


The ideal grip pressure is where you are holding the club with a’ light firmness’ and you are not holding too tight nor too light when he tries to pull the club away from you.


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“Your Alignment & Setup to the target are key”

by Bob Cisco, Tour Instructor

How you set up and align to the target is of chief importance in the golf swing. The ideal position that the golfer needs to be in is an athletic position, on balance and readied to set the swing motion going to the target.

The body should feel that it is in a “braced connected position” with the arms, shoulders and the center forming a triangle, and parallel to the target. From such a position, a powerful windup of the upper body can be coiled around the lower, more stationary body position.


This athletic position is important and is vital in being able to “harness effortless power” in the golf swing and is something that we teach in our golf schools.

Bob Cisco is a tour instructor,  performance advisor, instructional author, and featured guest on radio shows talking about the mental game to golf.. 


You can get more info on his Short Game Bootcamp, and How to Harness Effortless Power Schools at his website or call him at 323-255-3935 to sign up. 

Send an e-mail to [email protected]
about your wins and successes with this tip!


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