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“I have known Bob Cisco for several years and regard him as one of the premier teaching professionals in America with enormous knowledge and a great ability to communicate what he knows to all levels of player.

As a long drive competitor who has competed at the highest levels, I have to swing hard while remaining in balance. No one understand the importance of balance better than Bob and no one is better at training students to achieve and maintain proper balance in their swing.

Bob has also helped me in the mental game area as well, convincing me to embrace the moment when am standing on the tee and at all times to have fun. He has been very instrumental in the success that I have had”.

John Marshall — Two-time World Senior Driving Champion,


More Success Stories

Bob Cisco’s Ultimate Golf Schools presents the

How to Harness Effortless Power Golf Workshop

Hit the ball long and straight as Bob has taught numerous top amateurs and tour professionals. He is a PGA tour instructor and performance advisor who has instructed players an all three major tours (PGA, LPGA and Champions Tour), and the author of the best-selling book, The Ultimate Game of Golf.

With this One Day Workshop You Will Receive:

* Learn the 3 KEY secret moves the pros use >
(plant, pivot, drive) to harness effortless
power in your game with proven drills that work!

* Special Bonus:A new hybrid titanium metal wood in graphite shaft! A $200 value!! That’s right – Free for attending this one of a kind workshop!

* Personal instruction from Bob Cisco, one of the top instructors and performance advisors in golf today and his staff.

* Effortless Power Golf Challenge Contest. Compete for a top prize for hitting the most accurate and longest drive!

Attend this
ONE DAY Workshop 
on Saturday from

10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Get power and accuracy off the tee!
Only $197.00! with
special hybrid bonus.

Effortless Power Workshops are held at Los Amigos CC in Downey

Effortless Power
Sat, Jun 19th, 2010
Sat, Aug 7 th, 2010
Sat, Oct 9 th, 2010
“The three drills on “how to harness effortless power” were phenomenal!
I feel like I overcame my tendency to “hit” at the ball and now make
an “effortless” swing instead
. My accuracy improved so much
I feel like I can take on narrow fairways with confidence now!
Shot some of my best scores since this workshop!
– Rick Vargo, Effortless Power Workshop Graduate

Don’t miss this one day event followed by an Effortless Power Skills Challenge Contest, all for the incredible price of only $197.00! You
may win the longest and straighest drive prize!

More Success Stories from Bob Cisco’s Effortless Power
Golf Workshops

Today’s workshop on How to Harness Effortless Power completely change my game for the better! In the time we spent together, I learned how to use my whole body and swing with the torso and arms together as a unit instead of swinging at the ball with my arms only.

The result was smoother and crisper shots with much less effort required and my shots went farther. I’m looking forward practicing the key drills you taught me and improving my game! Thanks a lot,  Dan Squier

Wow! It wasn’t a golf lesson — it was an experience in self-discovery and how each of the various parts work together in the golf swing in creating effortless power! The ball went farther and straighter with less effort. Control and rythmm are the keys once the balance or foundation is established.

I was really amazed at what a few key fundamentals when properly applied, can do for your golf game. To say I am pleased or happy is an understatement. I am wowed! Thanks so much.  Bill Sinn


The drills really make the difference! I started hitting my seven wood farther than my five and the five as far as my three wood. Can’t wait to try this out on the course with my driver. I must be 15-20 yds. longer already!   Cliff Perry

“The three drills on How to Harness Effortless Power were phenomenal! I feel like I overcame my tendency to “hit” at the ball and now make an “effortless” swing instead. My accuracy improved so much I feel like I can take on narrow fairways with confidence now! Shot some of my best scores since this workshop!    Rick Vargo

Learning the keys to harnessing power has taught me how to drop the club down effortlessly and allow my hands to swing nicely through the shot with more club head speed without having to try to force the swing, which causes me to be more inconsistent in my drives and fairway shots.   Max Liphart



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