Mental Game


  • Improve Your Concentration
  • Be More Decisive in Your Game 
  • Play to Your True Potential as a Player
  • Score Better and have Better Morale!
  • Achieve Success as a Player

Bob Cisco will reveal key information on the mental game — like he did with key PGA Tour players — that will change the way you think about and play your next game of golf!

1) How to Maintain Concentration & Focus With Your Golf Shots. What to Do and Not to Do. How to Get Back on Track After a Bad Shot and Regain Your Confidence…

2) The Secret the Pros Use for Success in Their Games to Peak Their Performance and Hit Key Golf Shots.

3) The Two Key Mental Game Principles that You Must Know to Play Your Best Golf… You Definitely Need This Vital data!

4) ‘The Mental Game of Golf’ Based on Bob Cisco’s best-selling book, “The Ultimate Game of Golf”. Receive Special 50% Book Discount and Personalized copy at this Workshop!

Success Stories form The Mental Game to Golf Workshop with Bob Cisco

Here’s What Others are Saying About ‘The Mental Game of Golf’ Workshop by Bob Cisco. The Mental Game of Golf Workshop was very informative. It brought to mind that my game needs improvement in the areas of focus and my attitude more so in the area of ‘Spirit of Play’ than in thinking of swing ‘mechanics’.
– Johnny Vega

I had many realizations in the Mental Game seminar on how my mental approach really messes up or makes my golf game. I found practical tools that I can use to bring my score down. This was a great help to my game!
– John Massey

Based on his book, Bob Cisco has put together a program on the Mental Game to Golf that has key workable drills and exercises that helps the golfer reach more of their true potential as a golfer and player of the game and I recommend it highly!

– Ben King, PGA professional

After working with Bob on key mental game areas that were holding me back, I went onto win the So.

Calif. Open as a pro and I have dropped my scoring average to two to three under par consistently!

-Jeff Anderson – Tour player and winner of 45 mini tour events.


Call Bob Cisco or his staff at 323-255-3935 to  sign up now for this special workshop.

Plus, receive a FREE, complimentary
Mental Game consultation, a $75.00 value
from Bob Cisco.

Mental Game Questionnaire:

Interested in our Mental Game Boot camp? Fill out our questionnaire so we can better identify the specific areas you need help with.

Right-click this link to download the Word file to your computer.

This Mental Game to Golf workshop combines theory and practical drills taken from Bob Cisco’s best-selling book, “The Ultimate Game of Golf”.

Call the golf school to sign up now for The Mental Game to Golf Workshop. Call 323-255-3935. Seating is limited!

April 5, 2008

June 7, 2008

Aug 2, 2008

Chevy Chase  CC

Chevy Chase CC

Chevy Chase CC

Mental Game Workshops combine classroom and playing on the course at the club there. Course is from 1 pm to 5 pm on a Saturday. Call 323-255-3935 for more details and price.

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