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From Bob Cisco’s
Short Game Boot camp

Your Short Game Boot camp was awesome!

Your philosophy and method of feel and controlling the shot by using the club head is second to none. I was able to get this without it being complicated and it sure makes it different when it is simple.

In my next round of golf in which I was playing a match, I chipped and pitched with my six and nine iron “bump and run” shot. And in using my wedge from fifty yards, every shot from my chip to the wedge shot set me up for a makable putt. I saved a number of strokes that I normally throw away.

This is all from what I learned at the Bob Cisco’s Short Game School which I attended at Lost Canyons G.C. in April.

Your short game techniques based on feel were excellent and I would surely recommend this “boot camp” to others, unless they’re your opponents!

Thanks Bob for a great short game school!

George Taggart


I have had lessons before with golf teachers but not like this before! Not all people can teach and I can tell you that Bob Cisco can teach among the best!

I learned more in a half day about the golf game with Bob Cisco than with any instructor since all this time I have been playing golf!

The part in which he covers the true fundamentals of motion and swinging the club especially the putter and short game was great. I now know about the feel game like never before. This is truly awesome!

Bob also handled my wedge play and the tendency to occasionally shank the ball was completely cured in less than a half and hour time! Awesome work. I am no longer fearful to pitch or hit the wedge shot.

My confidence has gone over the top! This is great.

I really recommend Bob’s teaching ability to make you a better player and reach your true potential.

Thanks so much,    Phil Cowan


Thank you so much for the great day with the short game school! I really went for my chipping but came out instead a 100% better putter. I was skeptical that anyone could teach feel –I thought you either had it or didn’t.

Your drills actually taught feel and confidence followed . (I was 29 putts on my next round on the “Babe” at Industry Hills G.C,  which is a tough course.)

My chipping is much improved. I have read some of your book and will definitely be interested in your next workshop on “effortless power”.

I appreciate the day and the way the course was conducted — lots of attention in a small class with a great instructor and assistant!

The focus was excellent and the drills really worked!

Thanks so much,    Ann Triplett


Really enjoyed the Short Game Boot camp! The new tools that you and Jeff have taught, I look forward to putting to good use.

I feel the aspect that I will use the most is the FEEL and swing motion which I learned in your school.

And I can’t wait to see the outcome with my new skills and scores!   Rob Bason


Because of today, I feel more confident about my short game, pitch and run, lob shots and getting out of the trap!

My putting confidence is improved and I have a better sense of finding the line.

Thanks again! Today’s school was great..!

Gil Escobedo


Your Short Game Boot camp drills and techniques were fantastic and opened the door to the game of feel and controlling the club head in the short game.

Wow! In just the first drill. I all of the sudden realized that what I had thought was the way to do it was off based and mechanical and made complicated. Your concept of feel returned the simplicity and fun back to my putting, and chipping and pitching!

I can honestly tell you that I had attended another short game school, a Dave Pelz school some time ago and that what I got out of your short game clinic in just one day was more than I got in their three day school. Plus, getting the feel aspects into your short game is the key and something I can practice .

Your emphasis on drills that are simple to do make learning enjoyable and fun!

Much thanks!  H. Rose


Within one hour of working with Bob, my putting no longer became a panic attack, but a smooth joyous experience.

I’ve taken lessons. read many of the books, but no ever talks about balance. After Bob taught me about balance and its importance, everything fell into place. I’ve experienced a renewed confidence with my putting because of what Bob showed me about balance and feel in the strike.

If you have balance, real balance, the rest of your golf game will improve immeasurably. Within five swings with my wedge, I was putting every ball on the green close to the hole without fear. That was a fantastic experience!

I thought Bob’s instruction on balance only worked off the green. Combined with his other great putting instruction, it has kicked my putting confidence and accuracy way up.

Thanks, Bob  C. Harding


Thanks to the golf lesson I had with you on my short game. My putting was great on Tuesday on the course!

Now for the really good news: On the back nine, I started getting the ball closer to the cup like 15 foot or so and I was making the putts. I had 13 putts on the back nine. I even made a 20 footer! The guys were teasing me at first because I was “working“ the putter like you showed me, but by the end of the round, Barry and Bob wanted to know what you had thought me!.

My putting was great I actually look forward to putting now! So thanks again bob for the short game boot camp lesson. I also went back out to the putting green 3 days later  to practical and it was still working you just have to trust it.

I’m playing in a club tournament this Sunday the 5th and I’ll let you know later how it went.

Thanks again,

Stan “Steamer” Zaborniak


“The short game boot camp was invaluable! Instead of laboring over a putt, Bob taught me to follow the steps –survey, plan, rehearse and execute. Anyway, I use to think too hard and too long over a putt. I didn’t trust myself on what I felt. Bob taught me how to feel the putt through my hands and let my hands – the feel, take over. He also taught me how to trust the decision I made, not to second guess myself.”

“Since the boot camp, I am able to maneuver the ball close to the hole when I am just short of the green. My ball if it doesn’t go in is within inches of the hole. Hooray! Thank for all your personal attention and hands on experience.”

M. Einsenberg


“I had an awesome game of Sunday! I had my best score ever – an 89! Can you believe I broke 90! Went in the bunker once and had a great out –just like it’s supposed to work! My chipping was better too, I chipped one in on the first hole! Also had a chance with the lob wedge to get one close over a high bunker onto the green!

Thanks for the short game lessons Bob –it was fun and definitely helped!” Denise Spicer


“I have never had any aspect of my game improved so quickly or easily! Playing the day after the short game school, I dropped six strokes off my game, all because of improved putting! My chipping is much improved as well!

Thanks to Bob Cisco!”

Mike Inchalik


Just wanted to say Thanks! For a great short game boot camp! I believe your “hands on” approach was a terrific way to learn the basic fundamentals of the short game. I have already begun to use the many tips you have provided. In particular, I believe my putting will improve each day with the drills you gave us. Thanks again for your help and guidance during the short game boot camp.

Also, I continue to reap many benefits from your Ultimate Game of Golf book. It has many great drills and examples that I strongly recommend this book to anyone who has the desire to improve their game.

Jerry Renteria


I first met you at the Ultimate golf School’s Short Game Boot camp for the EWGA (Executive Women’s Golf  Assoc). You claimed that this clinic would shave several strokes off my game. I really didn’t believe you. Boy, was I wrong!

What I learned from your clinic has come in very handy indeed. In fact, I am regularly now starting to break 100 and first week for the first time I broke 90! For a fairly new golfer who doesn’t get to practice or play much, I think that is great!

Not only do you have a great way to teach technique, your understanding of course management & strategy and that of the mental side of the game is exceptional. Your positive approach is fabulous!

Thank you for all your efforts,  Tracey Darroll


Boy was I in need of a tune-up in my short game! I am so glad I came in to see Bob at his Short Game Boot camp!

The chipping and pitching drills were terrific! I changed some long time, most likley bad habits into much better short game skills.

I’m looking forward to the long game lesson with Bob!

Tom Gianinni



More Success Stories

From Bob Cisco’s

” How to Harness Effortless Power”

Golf Workshops

“Bob Cisco is an absolute golf swing genius!! After his workshop, I hit all the fairways the next day and was hitting the ball farther than ever and doing it easily!”

Bob Westover


“The three drills on “how to harness effortless power” were phenomenal! I feel like I overcame my tendency to “hit” at the ball and now make an “effortless” swing instead . My accuracy improved so much I feel like I can take on narrow fairways with confidence now! Shot some of my best scores since this workshop!

Rick Vargo


I wanted to thank you for the great golf lesson this past week.

I really appreciate the time you spent with me on not only some of the basics to the golf swing but how to get more distance and accuracy with the driver and three wood off the tee in an effortless manner.

I liked the smoothness and less effort involved with your “effortless power” philosophy and I can see  I will be hitting it longer and straighter than ever before. I look forward to our next golf lesson.

Regards, John Moore


Hi Bob.

The lesson with my driver and 3-wood was excellent!

Here is an update on my performance after the lesson. First day shot a 73, second day shot a 75. I hit some very nice drives,  20 to 25 yards longer! However, I also hit a few bad ones (mostly low hooks).

I really pounded my 3-wood without over swinging! And I was hitting super like when I was with you last week.

The bad ones were mostly due to swinging too fast, being too mechanical, and just trying too hard. But it was a lot of fun hitting the long drives and then listening to my friends jokes, comments.

Bob – I want you to know that I am very impressed with the quality of your instruction. You are by far the best golf instructor I have ever worked with!

The biggest problem with my golf game right now is mental. I make some bad decisions and I get distracted by thinking about my score. Can you help me with this?

I feel I am close to getting down to scratch or better if I can get better control of my mind.

Finally, can you suggest a practice routine? Something I can follow that covers all aspects of the game.


Bill DiMasi

Jamul , CA

Bob Cisco comments:  Bill has lowered his index from a 6 to a 1.7 in his golf scores over the last two and a half months. This was mainly due to coming in and getting a private session on the short game method.

Bill then wanted to improved his driving off the tee and he came in three weeks later – coming all the way from San Diego to see me here again in the Los Angeles area. He lives over two and one half hours away.

After doing my “how to harness effortless power” session, Bill wrote to me that he is hitting the ball at times 20-25 yards longer than before and is elated!

And now wants to nail down in mental game approach.

I kidded with his wife that he might be looking to have a secret life after 50 playing on the Champion’s tour (Senior). She thought that could be a fun career for him playing as a pro golfer.

It’s nice to see such wonderful progress.

Best, Bob Cisco

Amazing! After just getting the key move down I started hitting the ball longer with my five wood than I was hitting my three wood .

This was significant and not only added length to my woods and distance off the tee, but I was hitting it longer and straighter with your “magic move” and swing with effortless power concept.

Thanks, Cliff Perry


Success Stories from Bob Cisco’s “Mental Game to Golf Workshops

The Mental Game of Golf Workshop was very informative. It brought to mind that my game needs improvement in the areas of focus and my attitude more so in the area of “spirit of play” than in thinking of swing “mechanics: This workshop helped me rediscover the spirit of golf and my own game!

Johnny Vega


I just shot my best nine hole score in golf after your Mental Game Workshop!

Thnaks to Bob Cisco and Bill Stromberg for helping me shoot so well. I really think I am onto something with the new tools I have on the mental game to golf you presented and I want to take it even to higher levels!

Max Liphart


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